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Are you ready for a good giggle? Watch and listen up!

Giggles and Goat Milk Soap from the Red Barn Studio

It was fun.  It was impromptu.  And you got to see a curing rack full of soap.  Where’s the smell-o-vison?

And then, that’s not all of it.

As tired as I am (Can you tell by my silliness?), I went on to video #2.

Mary Humphrey from Annie’s Red Barn Studio

Dig my apron straps and lavender t-shirt? You get what you see with me.  Only the best!

Enjoy your day!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – where you can Smell and Feel the Goodness!


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Time To Relax

Nah, nah, nah…we aren’t in the Carribean.

But we are relaxing.

My husband and I have been working 12 hour days, burning the candle at both ends, for quite some time (awesome how our businesses are growing).  And we are busy preparing for the big farm move in our spare time.  So, this week I made an announcement, “We are going to call this weekend our mid-summer vacation.”

As I write this weekend post we have been mowing (much-needed and relaxing), sleeping like babies, laughing, and paying attention to no set schedule.

Laughter definitely erupted when we headed to a Mexican dinner.  We took off on our bikes, his and mine.  We rode the back-roads for while, enjoying the cooling wind on the 90 degree day.  We then turned back towards town.  I was definitely enjoying myself.  In fact I rode past the restaurant.  Wheee! I was a  good distance up the road when I realized my husband’s motorcycle was no longer behind me.  Oops.

What did I do? I pulled off the road.  I laughed.  I laughed so hard I prayed that nobody would ask if was okay.  Then I laughed some more.

I dried my eyes and headed back.  My husband was waiting in the restaurant parking lot.  He said, “I told myself, she’ll be back.”  Hilarious.

We definetly need to relax more often!

Enjoy your weekend!

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We run three businesses from our farm. 

Our days often run rather long. 

I heard my husband tell one of his customers a few days ago, “We work  until it gets late and then when we cannot do anymore, we shut it down.”  True.

What gets us through? Humor.  Patience.

One of my major functions in all of this is scheduling and organizing.  When the schedule gets rather tight, and even before then, I make the announcement, “The schedule funnels through me, period.” 

Things really get funny when we are tired.  The statement frequently made, especially at the end of the week, is “It takes a pair of brains to think!”

We recently changed internet and cellular providers to ensure we had a stronger signal when we make the move to the new farm.  Along with new phones we chose bluetooth.  The phone rings all day long.  We needed hands-free calls while driving.

So, let the fun begin.  Two “older” people trying to keep up with technology.  Case and example:  one partner is on the phone, bluetooth, the other decides to check email and messages (on the same phone).  Don’t push…the…red…button! I say to self, “I hope I didn’t just disconnect his call.”  He stops talking, after a moment says, “I lost that call.”  He looks bewildered.  I already know what I did

What happens next? Like a teenager I cannot help but laugh.  I do not just laugh.  I cry.  Tears streaming down my face.  I cannot breathe. 

Was it all that funny? Yes and no.  Did I feel better afterwards? Yes. 

A person realizes how serious and intense they can be once they have had a good belly laugh.  It washes away the stress like nothing else!

The day we begin hiring employees I will encourage dedication, but humor will be a requirement!

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Who is going to win the race? Ready, set, go! Off to the finish line.  But, where is that finish line?

Can we not get there, or get it done, fast enough?

As we stop for necessary things during the race, don’t dare talk to a cashier for a few moments.  The unwritten rule is keep the line moving swiftly, no real conversation allowed.  A simple, “Thank you, have a good day,” suffices.  Ooops…scratch that.  Have a good day is now considered cold, not personal.  Better not say anything at all? Instead, turn to text messaging.  It isn’t so cold, so impersonal, and goodness…you can walk about and text all at the same time!

Drive the speed limit.  Not! Only if you want to be the target of obscenities and scowls, or worse.  Oh, why not, don’t you like that sort of abuse?

Time flies fast, perhaps because we are in such a hurry?

I was listening to a comedian a few days ago.  He said, paraphrasing, “When we pass on, standing in line to get through heaven’s gates, will we make it to the line, but be dismissed when we become impatient and snarl or cuss at those waiting in line in front of us?” I can see it now, “Move it, buster, I have things to do…I need to get through that gate.  If you cannot keep the line moving, then move over **** and let me in!”

Someone close to me used to say, “Patience is a virtue.”  Isn’t that statement worth a mint?

Today I commit to working harder at slowing down.  I will work towards patience, realizing that every moment of life is precious.  When you find me laying flat on life’s tracks, smashed by those that have passed me by in a flash…oh well, I’ll be taking a break.  Care to join me? Tea, coffee? Cream?

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Kitten Little is growing up.  She is on a 3 day stay at the vet hospital following her spaying and declawing surgery.

We are pitiful.  We miss the little 5.4 pound terror!

Where is our little girl that steals keys, pens, anything that makes noise and is not glued down?

When I used the printer today there was no Kitten Little trying to rip the newly printed documents to shreds.

When I opened the dryer door there was no Kitten Little flying through the air, making her normal perfect landing inside the warm and fluffy clothes.

One thing is obvious, we terribly spoil the cat.  We never realized it until this week.

On top of the silliness of missing her, I am left with the horror of my last words when we dropped the cat off for her surgery.  As the vet was carrying her away to the crate area, I found myself choking up and  saying, “She’s our bottle baby, we are pretty attached.”  What? I immediately asked myself what did I just say? The cat hasn’t had a bottle, obviously, for many months. 

Hmmmmffff…I don’t own a cat, she owns me.

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What if you lived on No Name Road?

They say developers name many of the roads.   I don’t know about that, but I do know I am amused.

A local told me that No Name had a different name until a few years ago.  Can you imagine calling in a change of address, “Hello, my new address is on No Name Road.”

How about Hardscrabble Road? Any thoughts or ideas?

PeeWee Lane?

Tatorknob Road? Did the developer dig up unusual tators with knobs on them?

How many streets are named Maple? Maple is nearly as popular as Main.

Here’s a tounge twister.  Many roads in southern Ohio contain the word run, such as Millers Run Back Run Road.  No, it isn’t a typo.  I wouldn’t want to be a kindergarden student trying to memorize (or repeat) that street name! 

In Missouri many of the county roads have letters for names.  The most entertaining intersection we saw was where three roads met, I O U.  Love it!

I was thinking of a best road name contest…I still may do it!

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What Type Of Meat?

I am often good for a laugh, especially during wildy hectic times in my life.

Today was no exception.

My husband, Bob, and I stopped at a greasy spoon hot dog/BBQ shop for lunch.

Bob ordered his food and then stepped away in search of a restroom.

The gentleman behind the counter asked me, “Do you know what toppings your husband wants?”

I looked at the order and saw that my husband had ordered a footer.

I replied, “If you can tell me what kind of meat is in a footer I can tell you what toppings to put on it.” 

The man’s response was a stare.  I was confused.

I then approached it at a different angle, thinking he didn’t understand what I was asking.  I said, “If you can point out the footer on the menu, I will know what toppings to have added to his sandwich.” 

Again, the man stared at me, and this time with a very odd expression.  I was growing uncomfortable.

Another employee stepped out of the kitchen and said, “Most people order their footers with sauce, cheese, and onions.” 

I thought about it for a moment.  I knew my husband would not like sauce on his foot long sub sandwich.

Then it dawned on me.  Ohhhhhh…a footer.  I was in a shop that specializes in foot long hot dogs, wasn’t I?

The brain was back in full gear!

Can you imagine what the guy was thinking when I asked what type of meat was in a footer?

Busyness with our businesses…beyond that I think we can call it mush!

Life without humor, where would we be?

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If I can stop laughing perhaps I’ll get this post written.

I have been practicing on my bike.  I am up to approximately 10 hours on pavement, on a road with zero traffic. 

Today I decided I was ready to take a test shot on our road. 

The road was quiet.  People drive fast on our road, which isn’t comforting to someone that has never ridden a 2-wheeled vehicle on a traveled road before. 

I took out of our driveway first, with my husband following behind on his own bike.

I did not top 35 MPH.  I was in 3rd gear, smooth, I was feeling good.

I approached the cross road we had planned to meet-up on,  1 1/2 miles from our home.  My husband and I talked for a moment.  I decided to go further.  Mind you, these are bumpy roads, up and down, with no lines. 

I wheeled my way down the road and what do I see? An oncoming jeep.

Oh yes, I wanted to freak out.  It wasn’t that the jeep was on my side of the road.  It was the sudden reality that it was no longer me alone on the road. 

I clenched my teeth, literally.  Then I became aware of the look on my face.  It was fairly well construed! All of a sudden, I don’t know why, I changed my wadded up-in-pain expression to something like the zebra has in the photo above.  Seriously! I was giggling, scared, and making a face! Can you imagine the laughter that went on in that jeep?

A few moments later I saw an oncoming pick up truck.  I repeated the face twisting, goofy smile. 

Well…it helped me!

I made it to the next corner and decided to U-turn and stop.

The husband arrived moments later, pulled up beside me, and said, “You did very well! I am proud of you!”

I started laughing, telling him how scared I was when the oncoming vehicles passed.  I told him about the faces that I had made.  My husband then told me that the guy in the pick up truck was laughing.  He waved at my husband, with a look of sheer acknowledgement.

If you read in the funny papers about some crazy middle-aged woman scooting around, looking very much  like a smiling animal behind her helmet shield, you just might be able to say I know who she is! 

I am okay…really, I am.

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I have been missing in action, living with aggravation.  And now I am trying to write in a manner that includes humor.  That, in itself, is funny.  I asked my husband for help, words of wisdom, his reply was, “Throw eggs at it.”

The basket of joy has included mobile phone problems, computer troubles, and signal connection problems. 

I did gain some knowledge.  I will admit to it, I now know the difference between wireless and WiFi (no, I did not know a few weeks ago).  I am now on a wireless plan, and hope to pitch the satellite if all goes well.  No more missing signal when it rains or snows.  I can live with slow related to weather, of course, I do choose to live in the country. 

Do you ever think about how much time a person burns up while dealing with these types of electronic issues? Personally, I saw (and still see) myself behind in the soap shop, at my desk, and with personal chores as a result of spending countless hours on the phone with technical support departments.  I sometimes wonder, is it all worth it?

My answer is, yes, it is worth it.  We wouldn’t have the opportunities in life of connecting here if we didn’t occasionally need to update. And it keeps us young, I am sure you will agree, when we are forced to learn to keep up to date with technology.  Oh yeah, that would be it.  Right? Uh-huh.

I vaguely remember a commercial jingle that fits here, “Sometimes we feel like a nut, sometimes we don’t!”

Humor works.

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Don’t you just wish you could reach that itch a bit better?

Perhaps you could enjoy a warm sunny day by stretching over a rock, twisting your body around in circles, contorting, just for that great belly scratch?


This is the third grown goat doe I have seen do this today.  Why I have never noticed it before, I do not know.  But they now have my full attention. 

By the way, the doe in the photo is Peachy.  A two year old snubian (saanan/nubian) cross that is great on the milk stand this year, first time freshener.  The only problem, and it is not a fun one, she screams and yells the entire time I am milking the herd.  Yet, when she finally decides to come into the milk room (last) she stares at the door as if she has no idea why she is there.  Peachy, a mess.

Enjoy your day!

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