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What if you lived on No Name Road?

They say developers name many of the roads.   I don’t know about that, but I do know I am amused.

A local told me that No Name had a different name until a few years ago.  Can you imagine calling in a change of address, “Hello, my new address is on No Name Road.”

How about Hardscrabble Road? Any thoughts or ideas?

PeeWee Lane?

Tatorknob Road? Did the developer dig up unusual tators with knobs on them?

How many streets are named Maple? Maple is nearly as popular as Main.

Here’s a tounge twister.  Many roads in southern Ohio contain the word run, such as Millers Run Back Run Road.  No, it isn’t a typo.  I wouldn’t want to be a kindergarden student trying to memorize (or repeat) that street name! 

In Missouri many of the county roads have letters for names.  The most entertaining intersection we saw was where three roads met, I O U.  Love it!

I was thinking of a best road name contest…I still may do it!

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