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Now that the monsoons we experienced this week have ended, I feel like I am stepping out of a dark cavern.  Did I lose site of where I wanted to be? I wanted to.  I had to have a few talks with myself  to keep my positive energy flowing, and to not reflect what I was feeling (much) onto anyone else.

Now that the rain has ended, we hope to continue moving into the new soap studio.  Soap production has been on hold, so have large orders of lotion.  With part of our supplies and equipment at one studio, and some at the other, it simply has not been produceable.  In itself, no production during the business of the season, can be alarming.  When we say, this January, that our store shelves are now nearly empty…we’ll mean it at the utmost!

I stumbled across a great quote to remember, for now, and for the future –

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. – Moliere

How true is that? There really is no hurry.  We do what we can do, we do it well (to the best of our ability), and we enjoy what we can (and cannot do) as much as possible during the journey.

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Who is going to win the race? Ready, set, go! Off to the finish line.  But, where is that finish line?

Can we not get there, or get it done, fast enough?

As we stop for necessary things during the race, don’t dare talk to a cashier for a few moments.  The unwritten rule is keep the line moving swiftly, no real conversation allowed.  A simple, “Thank you, have a good day,” suffices.  Ooops…scratch that.  Have a good day is now considered cold, not personal.  Better not say anything at all? Instead, turn to text messaging.  It isn’t so cold, so impersonal, and goodness…you can walk about and text all at the same time!

Drive the speed limit.  Not! Only if you want to be the target of obscenities and scowls, or worse.  Oh, why not, don’t you like that sort of abuse?

Time flies fast, perhaps because we are in such a hurry?

I was listening to a comedian a few days ago.  He said, paraphrasing, “When we pass on, standing in line to get through heaven’s gates, will we make it to the line, but be dismissed when we become impatient and snarl or cuss at those waiting in line in front of us?” I can see it now, “Move it, buster, I have things to do…I need to get through that gate.  If you cannot keep the line moving, then move over **** and let me in!”

Someone close to me used to say, “Patience is a virtue.”  Isn’t that statement worth a mint?

Today I commit to working harder at slowing down.  I will work towards patience, realizing that every moment of life is precious.  When you find me laying flat on life’s tracks, smashed by those that have passed me by in a flash…oh well, I’ll be taking a break.  Care to join me? Tea, coffee? Cream?

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Patience is definitely a necessity when learning new skills in life. 

Our learning abilities are affected by certain things such as fear, natural talents, and even bad habits.

In my own life, for example, I found soaping to be rather simple.  I did not learn to make soap the “chemistry” way, I learned it by trial and error.  I used no special tools or calculators to develop formulas.  Learning soap required patience, with no frustration involved.

I am self-taught in goats, by studying everything I could get my hands on.  I do believe any animal keeper encounters new and frustrating situations, raising animals is not an exact science.  Nature involves living things.

I am learning how to ride a motorcycle.  It is difficult for me.  I am learning in baby steps.  Each hour of learning varies.  One hour feels like I move forward, the next feels like a step backwards.  But when I sit back and think about what progress I am making I realize that even the failures are not exactly that.  Being able to recognize where I make mistakes, where I go wrong, is progress in itself. 

Making natural perfume falls into the learning curve as well.  Loving fragrance does not mean that I can whip up a concoction that smells like something a person would enjoy wearing on their skin.  Patience is required with perfuming because the end result, a matured blend that fails or passes, isn’t ready for many weeks.  I purchased natural perfume samples from others, thinking I was way off-base with my own creations, something I hesitate doing – comparing my work to others.  I did not like the samples.  It nearly prompted me to quit.  I didn’t, I decided to give it more time. 

I have my moments, we all do.  We can easily say, “I quit, I give up. I was not meant to do this!” But where would that get us? Would we stop chasing (and accomplishing) our dreams if we did not work at them? Myself, I could easily say, “I will make soap and focus on nothing else, because I know how to make it!” Who said, however, good things come without work, without disappointment from time to time?

Instead, in humble honesty, shouldn’t we admit to ourselves and others, our efforts will take time? More often than not, the end result takes more time to accomplish than what we first thought it would.  Can you think of many pursuits where time and patience were not worth the effort?

Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. – Proverbs 12:24

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