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We run three businesses from our farm. 

Our days often run rather long. 

I heard my husband tell one of his customers a few days ago, “We work  until it gets late and then when we cannot do anymore, we shut it down.”  True.

What gets us through? Humor.  Patience.

One of my major functions in all of this is scheduling and organizing.  When the schedule gets rather tight, and even before then, I make the announcement, “The schedule funnels through me, period.” 

Things really get funny when we are tired.  The statement frequently made, especially at the end of the week, is “It takes a pair of brains to think!”

We recently changed internet and cellular providers to ensure we had a stronger signal when we make the move to the new farm.  Along with new phones we chose bluetooth.  The phone rings all day long.  We needed hands-free calls while driving.

So, let the fun begin.  Two “older” people trying to keep up with technology.  Case and example:  one partner is on the phone, bluetooth, the other decides to check email and messages (on the same phone).  Don’t push…the…red…button! I say to self, “I hope I didn’t just disconnect his call.”  He stops talking, after a moment says, “I lost that call.”  He looks bewildered.  I already know what I did

What happens next? Like a teenager I cannot help but laugh.  I do not just laugh.  I cry.  Tears streaming down my face.  I cannot breathe. 

Was it all that funny? Yes and no.  Did I feel better afterwards? Yes. 

A person realizes how serious and intense they can be once they have had a good belly laugh.  It washes away the stress like nothing else!

The day we begin hiring employees I will encourage dedication, but humor will be a requirement!

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