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What Type Of Meat?

I am often good for a laugh, especially during wildy hectic times in my life.

Today was no exception.

My husband, Bob, and I stopped at a greasy spoon hot dog/BBQ shop for lunch.

Bob ordered his food and then stepped away in search of a restroom.

The gentleman behind the counter asked me, “Do you know what toppings your husband wants?”

I looked at the order and saw that my husband had ordered a footer.

I replied, “If you can tell me what kind of meat is in a footer I can tell you what toppings to put on it.” 

The man’s response was a stare.  I was confused.

I then approached it at a different angle, thinking he didn’t understand what I was asking.  I said, “If you can point out the footer on the menu, I will know what toppings to have added to his sandwich.” 

Again, the man stared at me, and this time with a very odd expression.  I was growing uncomfortable.

Another employee stepped out of the kitchen and said, “Most people order their footers with sauce, cheese, and onions.” 

I thought about it for a moment.  I knew my husband would not like sauce on his foot long sub sandwich.

Then it dawned on me.  Ohhhhhh…a footer.  I was in a shop that specializes in foot long hot dogs, wasn’t I?

The brain was back in full gear!

Can you imagine what the guy was thinking when I asked what type of meat was in a footer?

Busyness with our businesses…beyond that I think we can call it mush!

Life without humor, where would we be?

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