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Don’t you just wish you could reach that itch a bit better?

Perhaps you could enjoy a warm sunny day by stretching over a rock, twisting your body around in circles, contorting, just for that great belly scratch?


This is the third grown goat doe I have seen do this today.  Why I have never noticed it before, I do not know.  But they now have my full attention. 

By the way, the doe in the photo is Peachy.  A two year old snubian (saanan/nubian) cross that is great on the milk stand this year, first time freshener.  The only problem, and it is not a fun one, she screams and yells the entire time I am milking the herd.  Yet, when she finally decides to come into the milk room (last) she stares at the door as if she has no idea why she is there.  Peachy, a mess.

Enjoy your day!

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