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If I can stop laughing perhaps I’ll get this post written.

I have been practicing on my bike.  I am up to approximately 10 hours on pavement, on a road with zero traffic. 

Today I decided I was ready to take a test shot on our road. 

The road was quiet.  People drive fast on our road, which isn’t comforting to someone that has never ridden a 2-wheeled vehicle on a traveled road before. 

I took out of our driveway first, with my husband following behind on his own bike.

I did not top 35 MPH.  I was in 3rd gear, smooth, I was feeling good.

I approached the cross road we had planned to meet-up on,  1 1/2 miles from our home.  My husband and I talked for a moment.  I decided to go further.  Mind you, these are bumpy roads, up and down, with no lines. 

I wheeled my way down the road and what do I see? An oncoming jeep.

Oh yes, I wanted to freak out.  It wasn’t that the jeep was on my side of the road.  It was the sudden reality that it was no longer me alone on the road. 

I clenched my teeth, literally.  Then I became aware of the look on my face.  It was fairly well construed! All of a sudden, I don’t know why, I changed my wadded up-in-pain expression to something like the zebra has in the photo above.  Seriously! I was giggling, scared, and making a face! Can you imagine the laughter that went on in that jeep?

A few moments later I saw an oncoming pick up truck.  I repeated the face twisting, goofy smile. 

Well…it helped me!

I made it to the next corner and decided to U-turn and stop.

The husband arrived moments later, pulled up beside me, and said, “You did very well! I am proud of you!”

I started laughing, telling him how scared I was when the oncoming vehicles passed.  I told him about the faces that I had made.  My husband then told me that the guy in the pick up truck was laughing.  He waved at my husband, with a look of sheer acknowledgement.

If you read in the funny papers about some crazy middle-aged woman scooting around, looking very much  like a smiling animal behind her helmet shield, you just might be able to say I know who she is! 

I am okay…really, I am.

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