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I have been missing in action, living with aggravation.  And now I am trying to write in a manner that includes humor.  That, in itself, is funny.  I asked my husband for help, words of wisdom, his reply was, “Throw eggs at it.”

The basket of joy has included mobile phone problems, computer troubles, and signal connection problems. 

I did gain some knowledge.  I will admit to it, I now know the difference between wireless and WiFi (no, I did not know a few weeks ago).  I am now on a wireless plan, and hope to pitch the satellite if all goes well.  No more missing signal when it rains or snows.  I can live with slow related to weather, of course, I do choose to live in the country. 

Do you ever think about how much time a person burns up while dealing with these types of electronic issues? Personally, I saw (and still see) myself behind in the soap shop, at my desk, and with personal chores as a result of spending countless hours on the phone with technical support departments.  I sometimes wonder, is it all worth it?

My answer is, yes, it is worth it.  We wouldn’t have the opportunities in life of connecting here if we didn’t occasionally need to update. And it keeps us young, I am sure you will agree, when we are forced to learn to keep up to date with technology.  Oh yeah, that would be it.  Right? Uh-huh.

I vaguely remember a commercial jingle that fits here, “Sometimes we feel like a nut, sometimes we don’t!”

Humor works.

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Not a pretty picture for a Monday morning blog post. Not hardly! But with a sense of humor, thought it was fitting to tell about how we deal with weather out here, and internet satellite. Nothing new to some of you, in fact, many of you!
I remember the day when I had a black and white TV, no cable, no satellite, and I could still get 4 major channels tuned in on the old set. Never did I think I would live in a house in the country with two satellite dishes on the back of the house. Do you ever look at those things and think they make a house look like some sort of strange receiving station?

The guys wanted to put the dishes on the front of the house. Gulp. No way. I do not live in a mansion, but I thought it just was not a good idea!

We live “out there” but not so out there. DSL is 1/4 of a mile away. The report to us was, “No, never will be strung down your road.” Okay…fine. We have a great high speed internet. I am very happy with it, however, when the clouds get heavy, guess what? No signal. The TV signal is a strong one. Normally we are under a tornado watch type of situation before we lose that puppy.

The forecast for the next several days includes heavy snow and possibly ice, through Wednesday A.M. . I looked at tonight’s forecast online a bit ago, “Thickening and lowering clouds… .” Uh huh…that means no signal.

Dial up is another story. I can receive email, which means I stay in touch. When I receive an order, I can fill it, but there is not enough speed for the blog, website updates, or anything beyond email. So…we shall see.

Living in the country comes with its joys, and a few sacrifices, but I am very happy!

Today we are going to pick up some hay, grain, and a few other supplies, and then bunker in. I figure we will see warmer days in about 4 weeks, and I will definitely have that in mind! Spring is right around the bend! Perhaps I will get some more seed catalogs in the mail today!

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