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Kitten Little is growing up.  She is on a 3 day stay at the vet hospital following her spaying and declawing surgery.

We are pitiful.  We miss the little 5.4 pound terror!

Where is our little girl that steals keys, pens, anything that makes noise and is not glued down?

When I used the printer today there was no Kitten Little trying to rip the newly printed documents to shreds.

When I opened the dryer door there was no Kitten Little flying through the air, making her normal perfect landing inside the warm and fluffy clothes.

One thing is obvious, we terribly spoil the cat.  We never realized it until this week.

On top of the silliness of missing her, I am left with the horror of my last words when we dropped the cat off for her surgery.  As the vet was carrying her away to the crate area, I found myself choking up and  saying, “She’s our bottle baby, we are pretty attached.”  What? I immediately asked myself what did I just say? The cat hasn’t had a bottle, obviously, for many months. 

Hmmmmffff…I don’t own a cat, she owns me.

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