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www.anniesgoathill.comI’ve told stories about my passion for handmade soap to so many people, and I’ll tell it again — it began (here) 49 years ago, and it carried on fiercely into adulthood, right up to this day.

In case you don’t know about me, I have been a soap maker for 12 years. I began handcrafting all natural soaps with pure essential oils and plant-based colorants at that time, and I switched to making goat make soap, including milk from my own herd of goats, approximately 8 years ago.

I joined my husband when he shifted to driving full-time across the United States as a semi-truck driver several years ago. God asked for a change in our lives, and so I made the announcement to close Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps (here).

Change and choice happens in our lives, and then it often comes back around 180 degrees. That is where I am at today. I miss soap making. I miss the small business. I miss my customers. I am still an entrepreneur (a life coach and an author), but I need to make soap again. I need to talk about it, watch it cure, and I need to hold a bar of my silky goat milk gsoap in my own little hands!

My plan is to return to making goat milk soap in February or March 2015. We are in the beginning stage of our initial newsletter here, so those of you that are interested in purchasing my soap, I urge you to sign up and I’ll keep you informed!

Will this be a grand re-opening, or what?

I truly look forward to it!

Mary Humphrey

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps

Where you can smell and feel the goodness!

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reversable apron, crocheting www.anniesgoathill.com

Annie’s is not dead. Sound like a familiar movie title? Well … Annie’s Is Not Dead!

Annie’s Goat Hill currently does not have goats on the apartment patio, nor does it have fresh soap in the (non-existent) spare room…but Annie’s is alive and kicking.

Annie (Mary Humphrey – myself) has authored books (Essential Soapmaking and Advanced Soapmaking: Removing the Mystery), along with stories she contributed to the Selah Press anthology 360 Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope, all of these books are available on her blogs, and on her Amazon.com author page. She’s also polishing her first edition, soon to be published, of Annie’s All About Goats. Behind this writing project is the first draft completed of Jackson and Delilah’s Adventures, a fiction youth novel. Devotionals follow suit, which are in the stage of notes written in pen and ink. There may also be books from the kitchen, because this woman can cook. Did you know that? She cooks from scratch and follows the little-bit-of-this-and-that method.

Soap creation and sales may return to the agenda in late 2014. Can you imagine creamy, skin loving goat milk soap once again coming from Annie’s studio? It just might happen.

What you absolutely have not heard about, until today, is Creative Expressions by Annie. You know, she thrives on creativity – writing, DIY personal care products, sewing, crocheting, soap making, aromatherapy and crafts that work all of these things together. The photo above is a sample of things to come – a series of blog posts that she hopes inspires you to new (or renew) your passions. The world is full of beautiful things…and the freedom to use your imagination!

“In this time of ‘information overload’, people do not need more information. They want a story they can relate to.”  – Maarten Schafer

Annie’s Goat Hill – Smell and Feel the Goodness!


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www.anniesgoathill.com swirled soap

Soap making – an art, an outlet – joy filled.

Alyssa Middleton and I recently put on our work boots and stomped through the trenches to revamp our first e-Book, Essential Soap Making. We added personality, reformatted several chapters, and sent our book to an amazing editor, Karen Bowlding. The front and back covers were beautifully and expertly designed by Jennifer Smith. We are so proud of the product, which is now in the proof stage, and will be available within a week in paper back. I can not wait to get the book in my hands!

This morning, as I worked on our second book, Advanced Soap Making: Removing the Mystery, which is forming up nicely, I came to realize that I am genuinely excited to share my know-how of  making great soap, especially the tricks to making goat milk soap.

Soap making, to me, is a mixture of art, creativity, and personal gratification – most soap makers are doing exactly what they love to do.

I encourage you to do that as well, express yourself, take care of yourself, do what makes you feel joy. You were given those talents and passions, run with them!

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goat milk soap www.anniesgoathill.com

I am thrilled to announce that we have returned to our normal 2 day shipping turnaround!

If you do order soap from us, however, keep in mind that orders are coming in quickly (like Christmas in August), so we may fall back another day before the month is over.

I also wanted to let you know that there is still a nice stock of goat milk soap in our inventory.

We did run out of our stamped soap boxes, and now are packaging goat milk soap in biodegradable cellophane bags.

Let me know if I can help you with anything.




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goat milk soap savings www.anniesgoathill.com

Savings In A Box


I am excited to announce that I have extended my special shipping pricing through 8/5/2012.

Savings In A Box will follow the same rules as our prior week’s special:  $6.00 flat rate shipping for a USPS box (12x12x6 and smaller), as long as the merchandise fits into one box ($6.00 will be charged per each additional box).

Additional goat milk soaps have been moved to our discounted “scratch and dent” category to make room for our fall and winter arrivals.

Enjoy stretching your dollars!


From the Red Barn Studio – Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps


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Are you ready for a good giggle? Watch and listen up!

Giggles and Goat Milk Soap from the Red Barn Studio

It was fun.  It was impromptu.  And you got to see a curing rack full of soap.  Where’s the smell-o-vison?

And then, that’s not all of it.

As tired as I am (Can you tell by my silliness?), I went on to video #2.

Mary Humphrey from Annie’s Red Barn Studio

Dig my apron straps and lavender t-shirt? You get what you see with me.  Only the best!

Enjoy your day!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – where you can Smell and Feel the Goodness!


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goat milk soap swirled www.anniesgoathill.com

A customer once said, “You know what I like about your soap? I like that it is not all fancy, with wild colors.  I just want good soap, nothing crazy.”

You know, I tend to agree with that statement.  But sometimes, when I mix it up a little, I really do sell the devil out of the “limited edition” soaps!

I do not swirl enough to claim that I have ever reached the practice-makes-perfect swirling gold star.  Oh no, I am far from it.  I fit soap production into my schedule to keep the base soaps that we carry in stock, swirling and other techniques, well…they happen when I am feeling a bit frivolous.

So, I had a sample sized bottle of Lily of the Valley fragrance that kept winking at me each time I opened my fragrance cabinet.  It said, “Hello, do something different with me!”

So, I tried.  Lily of the Valley, you got the green, you got the lavender.  You got the pretty.  Yes, you did.  Swirls, not so much.

lily of the valley goat milk soap www.anniesgoathill.com

Another blue moon (Or was that a full moon?) will come along.  I’ll hit up the swirling techniques again.  Yes I will!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Where you can Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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Geranium Rose Ylang Ylang Goat Milk Soap www.anniesgoathill.com

You bet, toilet paper sheets are smaller.  Not only is toilet paper more expensive, all of us are confused when we purchase any paper product because none of them are the same size, thickness, or cut that they used to be.

You know, I am not here to talk about toilet paper.  I just wanted to make a point.

The product fact for today is, though, my soap bars are larger than they were 3 years ago.  Why are they larger? I saw better value with a larger bar – one that did not eventually shrink down to less than 4.25 or 4.00 ounces before it was used.  There is no guess-work when you purchase my soap.  It is creamy, it is what I say it is (what goes into it – like oodles of raw shea butter), and it does not dry out the skin.

I did raise my prices over the course of the past 3 years, and I will do so again someday (with an announcement beforehand).  Handmade soap is a luxury, especially choice goat milk soap.  I want to see it stick around! And that is all good!

Laying my sales-person hat on the desk for now.  Thud.  I so appreciate the experience of operating a small business!

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I absolutely enjoyed being the guest on the #HandmadeChat hosted by @INDIEbusiness, How To Use Milk In Handmade Soap.  Excellent questions were asked!

Here is a sampling of the questions and responses:


A:  Goat milk can be purchased in health food and grocery stores. It is pricey, be sure to work it into your pricing!

Online search – local 4-H clubs, local goat clubs, or your state dairy goat association for farm locations.


A:   I suggest purchasing goat milk during the winter and early spring, when many goat farms have more goats “in milk.”


Melissa’s question never got answered during our chat.  I really do not know how to figure out the different properties of the various types of milk, except, there are charts online, like this one at SELF Nutrition Data.  If you are using powdered or canned milk, the producer should supply labeling.

A link to the full chat transcript is located here, How To Use Milk In Handmade Soap, 6/14/2012, #HandmadeChat.

I look forward to next week’s @INDIEbusiness chat: 6/21, 8p ET, with Alyssa Middleton @bathbodyacademy, How To Approach Retail Stores To Buy Handmade Products.

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As I was pulling soap for orders today in the Red Barn Studio I thought about the colors, the smells, and beauty.

What looks like stainless steels racks to one person, with bars of soap lined up in rows, is a vision of beauty to another, “Beauty is the best treasure for, one’s eye.”

goat milk soap www.anniesgoathill.com

What is beauty?

There is so much beauty in life
Beauty is a gift of God
Beauty is in the heart which touches,
Simplicity is beauty.

Beauty of sun setting in to ocean,
in evening
Truth is beauty, beauty is truth
Beauty is the best treasure for,
one’s eye
the beauty of a love that is real.

Bright colors of the rainbow,
the beauty of spring
What is beauty?
Beauty is you.

Maria Luisa Taylor

Beauty is freely what you want it to be.

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps…where you can Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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