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Who is going to win the race? Ready, set, go! Off to the finish line.  But, where is that finish line?

Can we not get there, or get it done, fast enough?

As we stop for necessary things during the race, don’t dare talk to a cashier for a few moments.  The unwritten rule is keep the line moving swiftly, no real conversation allowed.  A simple, “Thank you, have a good day,” suffices.  Ooops…scratch that.  Have a good day is now considered cold, not personal.  Better not say anything at all? Instead, turn to text messaging.  It isn’t so cold, so impersonal, and goodness…you can walk about and text all at the same time!

Drive the speed limit.  Not! Only if you want to be the target of obscenities and scowls, or worse.  Oh, why not, don’t you like that sort of abuse?

Time flies fast, perhaps because we are in such a hurry?

I was listening to a comedian a few days ago.  He said, paraphrasing, “When we pass on, standing in line to get through heaven’s gates, will we make it to the line, but be dismissed when we become impatient and snarl or cuss at those waiting in line in front of us?” I can see it now, “Move it, buster, I have things to do…I need to get through that gate.  If you cannot keep the line moving, then move over **** and let me in!”

Someone close to me used to say, “Patience is a virtue.”  Isn’t that statement worth a mint?

Today I commit to working harder at slowing down.  I will work towards patience, realizing that every moment of life is precious.  When you find me laying flat on life’s tracks, smashed by those that have passed me by in a flash…oh well, I’ll be taking a break.  Care to join me? Tea, coffee? Cream?

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