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Time To Relax

Nah, nah, nah…we aren’t in the Carribean.

But we are relaxing.

My husband and I have been working 12 hour days, burning the candle at both ends, for quite some time (awesome how our businesses are growing).  And we are busy preparing for the big farm move in our spare time.  So, this week I made an announcement, “We are going to call this weekend our mid-summer vacation.”

As I write this weekend post we have been mowing (much-needed and relaxing), sleeping like babies, laughing, and paying attention to no set schedule.

Laughter definitely erupted when we headed to a Mexican dinner.  We took off on our bikes, his and mine.  We rode the back-roads for while, enjoying the cooling wind on the 90 degree day.  We then turned back towards town.  I was definitely enjoying myself.  In fact I rode past the restaurant.  Wheee! I was a  good distance up the road when I realized my husband’s motorcycle was no longer behind me.  Oops.

What did I do? I pulled off the road.  I laughed.  I laughed so hard I prayed that nobody would ask if was okay.  Then I laughed some more.

I dried my eyes and headed back.  My husband was waiting in the restaurant parking lot.  He said, “I told myself, she’ll be back.”  Hilarious.

We definetly need to relax more often!

Enjoy your weekend!

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