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Fairly often I find people to be inspirational, like I did here, the business-owner who genuinely cares about her customers, and here, the elderly person that said wisely “to never quit.”

Yesterday, after being invited into his office to use a fax machine, I realized just how inspirational a particular real estate agent (unamed on purpose in this post) is as a business owner and as a person.

What I see is an older gentlemen that hops on his scooter, in his sharp business suit, donning a helmet (like a Harley rider might…giving the hired help a giggle-of-their life), riding in and out of construction sites with no fear, and visiting college dorms to ensure the maintenance calls are being met.

So, what is so striking about all of that?

He gives.  While I was in his office he ensured I had a pen, and an umbrella (for the upcoming rain), and a comfortable seat.  As he handed a soda to me, he said it might be “less than ice-cold.”  Trust me, it was cold!

He ensures politeness emits from his lips.  He ensures the humans around him are comfortable.  Yet, he gets on his scooter, fearlessly, taking care of business, making sure each job is completed, not caring what anyone thinks.  He does not fit into anyone’s mirror image.  He is focused.  He is precise.  And I can see how he has done as well as he has in life.  What an image.

I hope I can leave a smidget of such a good impression on people.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could do one-on-one business with many more individuals on such a human playing field?

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness

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The curtain opens to Act 1:

Customer checking out @Annie’s Goat Hill…typing in credit card number…shipping address…customer name…phone numb….er…ack! Wait a minute!Customer freaks out! “I am not going to give that company my phone number!”

Why would we want your phone number?

If we experience problems with your order, we attempt to contact you via the email address provided upon checkout.  But, as life isn’t always so perfect, there have been occasions where 1) a customer’s email address was invalid, 2) the customer never received the email from Annie’s Goat Hill.

Act 2:

Customer becomes very upset as day after day passes with no fragrant package arriving at their doorstep.

For this reason, a customer phone number will be mandatory upon checkout at Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrated Soaps.

We would be breaking the law if we subjected you to unsolicted email, or phone calls.  We are not going to do that.  We want to keep life as simple as possible.

We want you to:

Smell the goodness, feel the goodness (of our products).


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We have been a busy couple here at Annie’ s Goat Hill!

We are working on several projects, some we can disclose, others we are better off keeping under our hat until they happen. 

One of the fun new things that we have are t-shirts.  I have not always been a big fan of walking advertisements for brands but recently as I wore a t-shirt for a much needed cause (the fight for cystic fibrosis) I wondered why I had not added Annie’s Goat Hill t-shirts to our daily casual wear. 

Getting the t-shirts made was a struggle.  I called 5 small businesses before one responded.  The businesses either would not answer their phone, would not respond to voice mail messages, or would appear to never turn on their lights and be in their physical location. 

I am all for local business, and when I get permission to mention the one that we used for the printing, I will…but until then, I’ll say they had some great customer service! They printed our shirts based on an attachment to an email, they supplied us with prototypes via email attachments, and even provided an attached invoice.  All done sight-unseen.  The entire process took 3 days, that is it.  I am grateful, to say the least.  They deserve a gold start for adding another exemplary small business to the list of glue that holds our country together!

I hope Annie’s Goat Hill always continues to provide customer service that exceeds the middle line.  If we ever slip up, by not meeting our customer needs, I personally want to hear about it, and fix it!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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All of us have a job.  It has benefits.  It is close to home.  It requires no time sheet or schedule.  The job also pays well.

Talk about teamwork, this IS the job that requires the best efforts from all.  Minimum efforts with maximum outcome.

Recently, a manager at a convenience store covered a shift for an employee that generally has a sour attitude.  The manager said, “It is my job to be civil and to smile.”  She was referring to her own work position.  Without judgment, the reply was made, “It is our job to be human, we all share in that.”

Being human requires little work.  It requires an occasional smile.  It requires a touch of kindness.  It does not require being a doormat or a flower on the wall-paper, quite the opposite. 

Live…work…smile…be human, share the wealth.  The rewards are numerous, you’ve not only made your day, with the promises of payment via a brighter day, you have paved the way for another human being to do the same.

Do you qualify for the job that you have been designed for? I hope I do.  Making sure the job requirements are met, being a tad bit kind, passing the smile along, does pay well.  You can bank on it!

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Recently I have spent many hours handling my husband’s business scheduling and telephone. 

Speaking with the public on a daily basis, both on the telephone and in person, has led to a surfacing of observations.  The biggest of those is the word demand.  There seems to be little consideration for careful scheduling, heavy workloads, and human attempts at kindness.

Sadly, it seems that people in general are pre-disposed to expect the worst.

It brings questions to my mind, such as, is the cause today’s world? Is it the economy? Is it poor customer service across the board (which I’ve noticed myself) that causes people to not have patience?

I am serving the public now, no doubt about it.  The customer is always right, unless a legal liability is involved (due to the nature of the business). 

Are we, as human beings, all of one, simply branches working together? Do we serve each other, or do we serve ourselves? Do you serve yourself, or do you serve other people? Who do you serve?

Many of us serve our own God (first), I know I do, but in this article I am talking about serving others.  I am not talking about a physical act, like delivering meals to those in need, I am talking about common courtesy, compassion for others.  Do you truly serve others?

We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our own world.

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When I call and you choose to respond to me with sharp words.  Go ahead.  I love you regardless.

When you call and talk about all of the problems that have affected your world recently.  Go ahead.  Life sure isn’t easy, is it?

When you do not believe that I am honest, with integrity, with full intentions of doing what is right, so be it.  I cannot please the world. 

But, when you call or write and tell me you love my products, my work, my customer service, my blog posts, my Facebook page, or Twitter, I so appreciate your acknowledgement of my hard work. 

So, you’ve had a bad day? That’s okay!

(Note, I have been assisting my husband with his business the past several weeks.  Dealing with customers has been interesting.  With the right attitude, it can be a life-learning and strengthening adventure.  We have to look at the world with humor and positive thoughts.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll make a difference in someone’s bad day.)

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I am in the very beginning stages of designing a new website.

About the same time I made the decision to begin the website transition I also began tearing wallpaper off of my bedroom walls.  More on the redecorating, along with photos, in a near-future blog post.

What was I thinking?

Change is good.

I am tired of looking at 25-year-old wallpaper, just like I am tired of the daily reminder (to myself) that my customers have to scroll through 100 products to find what they are shopping for. 

Change is on the way!

Good service includes excellent customer care, a true dedication.  It also includes functionality. 

If I can fix it, I will! And, it will be fixed!

Now is a good time to throw ideas at me.  If there is something you want to see, or don’t want to see, my job is to listen!

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We all have bad days, days when we feel we could improve upon ourselves.  But, in my opinion, decent customer service is a requirement regardless of any extenuating circumstances.

What is good customer service?

In my opinion it stretches across an expanse that includes (but is not limited to):  problem solving, assistance, congeniality, and availability. 

In today’s world, I am just as swayed to give my business to a company that has excellent customer service as I am to do business with a company that helps me to keep pennies in my purse.  Customer service holds value.

Recently I was purchasing groceries in a large department store when I came upon 3 employees in one aisle.  As I managed my cart around them, one looked at the other, without a minced word or lowered voice, “Another d**n rollback! I am sick of these stupid d**n rollbacks.”  All 3 women agreed, and mumbled their own thoughts in unison.  I am trying to hold onto a thread of reality.  Despite the television coverage depicting the big happy W-M family, I am sure many employees have unhappy days just like everyone else.  But, I cannot help but remember the words, your life is now.  Customer service is now. 

The point I want to make here is, are we truly responsible for good customer service wherever we go, or perhaps, is it more like “good people service?”

Perhaps I am still virtually living in the olden days?

I believe in them.

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