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Fairly often I find people to be inspirational, like I did here, the business-owner who genuinely cares about her customers, and here, the elderly person that said wisely “to never quit.”

Yesterday, after being invited into his office to use a fax machine, I realized just how inspirational a particular real estate agent (unamed on purpose in this post) is as a business owner and as a person.

What I see is an older gentlemen that hops on his scooter, in his sharp business suit, donning a helmet (like a Harley rider might…giving the hired help a giggle-of-their life), riding in and out of construction sites with no fear, and visiting college dorms to ensure the maintenance calls are being met.

So, what is so striking about all of that?

He gives.  While I was in his office he ensured I had a pen, and an umbrella (for the upcoming rain), and a comfortable seat.  As he handed a soda to me, he said it might be “less than ice-cold.”  Trust me, it was cold!

He ensures politeness emits from his lips.  He ensures the humans around him are comfortable.  Yet, he gets on his scooter, fearlessly, taking care of business, making sure each job is completed, not caring what anyone thinks.  He does not fit into anyone’s mirror image.  He is focused.  He is precise.  And I can see how he has done as well as he has in life.  What an image.

I hope I can leave a smidget of such a good impression on people.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could do one-on-one business with many more individuals on such a human playing field?

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All of us have a job.  It has benefits.  It is close to home.  It requires no time sheet or schedule.  The job also pays well.

Talk about teamwork, this IS the job that requires the best efforts from all.  Minimum efforts with maximum outcome.

Recently, a manager at a convenience store covered a shift for an employee that generally has a sour attitude.  The manager said, “It is my job to be civil and to smile.”  She was referring to her own work position.  Without judgment, the reply was made, “It is our job to be human, we all share in that.”

Being human requires little work.  It requires an occasional smile.  It requires a touch of kindness.  It does not require being a doormat or a flower on the wall-paper, quite the opposite. 

Live…work…smile…be human, share the wealth.  The rewards are numerous, you’ve not only made your day, with the promises of payment via a brighter day, you have paved the way for another human being to do the same.

Do you qualify for the job that you have been designed for? I hope I do.  Making sure the job requirements are met, being a tad bit kind, passing the smile along, does pay well.  You can bank on it!

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Recently I have spent many hours handling my husband’s business scheduling and telephone. 

Speaking with the public on a daily basis, both on the telephone and in person, has led to a surfacing of observations.  The biggest of those is the word demand.  There seems to be little consideration for careful scheduling, heavy workloads, and human attempts at kindness.

Sadly, it seems that people in general are pre-disposed to expect the worst.

It brings questions to my mind, such as, is the cause today’s world? Is it the economy? Is it poor customer service across the board (which I’ve noticed myself) that causes people to not have patience?

I am serving the public now, no doubt about it.  The customer is always right, unless a legal liability is involved (due to the nature of the business). 

Are we, as human beings, all of one, simply branches working together? Do we serve each other, or do we serve ourselves? Do you serve yourself, or do you serve other people? Who do you serve?

Many of us serve our own God (first), I know I do, but in this article I am talking about serving others.  I am not talking about a physical act, like delivering meals to those in need, I am talking about common courtesy, compassion for others.  Do you truly serve others?

We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our own world.

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