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We have been a busy couple here at Annie’ s Goat Hill!

We are working on several projects, some we can disclose, others we are better off keeping under our hat until they happen. 

One of the fun new things that we have are t-shirts.  I have not always been a big fan of walking advertisements for brands but recently as I wore a t-shirt for a much needed cause (the fight for cystic fibrosis) I wondered why I had not added Annie’s Goat Hill t-shirts to our daily casual wear. 

Getting the t-shirts made was a struggle.  I called 5 small businesses before one responded.  The businesses either would not answer their phone, would not respond to voice mail messages, or would appear to never turn on their lights and be in their physical location. 

I am all for local business, and when I get permission to mention the one that we used for the printing, I will…but until then, I’ll say they had some great customer service! They printed our shirts based on an attachment to an email, they supplied us with prototypes via email attachments, and even provided an attached invoice.  All done sight-unseen.  The entire process took 3 days, that is it.  I am grateful, to say the least.  They deserve a gold start for adding another exemplary small business to the list of glue that holds our country together!

I hope Annie’s Goat Hill always continues to provide customer service that exceeds the middle line.  If we ever slip up, by not meeting our customer needs, I personally want to hear about it, and fix it!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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