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I am in the very beginning stages of designing a new website.

About the same time I made the decision to begin the website transition I also began tearing wallpaper off of my bedroom walls.  More on the redecorating, along with photos, in a near-future blog post.

What was I thinking?

Change is good.

I am tired of looking at 25-year-old wallpaper, just like I am tired of the daily reminder (to myself) that my customers have to scroll through 100 products to find what they are shopping for. 

Change is on the way!

Good service includes excellent customer care, a true dedication.  It also includes functionality. 

If I can fix it, I will! And, it will be fixed!

Now is a good time to throw ideas at me.  If there is something you want to see, or don’t want to see, my job is to listen!

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