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indexEssential Lotion Making: Skin Care Made Easy has published! The paperback is available (here), and the Kindle is listed (here).

After I made soap for a number of years I purchased pre-made lotion bases in bulk because I thought lotion making was going to be too difficult to tackle. Lotion formulating ended up being less difficult than soap making. This lead to the writing of this book, to teach others how easy lotion making really is.

I included a list of the most common preservatives in this book, in answer to the many questions I have received, as well as how to make and preserve goat milk lotion.

Handmade cosmetics are so good for the skin…and a big part of that reason is when we know what goes into the bottle, we also know what we are putting on our precious skin!

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Owning a small business isn’t all about rosy smelling flowers in the garden.  Operating a business definitely has expected up and down moments.

Last night I experienced what I’ll call long moments of “up” times as I wheeled the cart around the soap studio gathering lotions, soaps and supplies for customer shipments.

I thought about the gentleman that called a few days ago.  He is 80 years old and said that he is taking care of his terminally ill 78-year-old girlfriend.  The couple had attended a craft show 10 years ago.  She wanted Rosemary goat milk soap.  He refused to purchase the soap for her.  He said to me, “Wouldn’t that have been a small thing to have made her happy?” With a tear in my eye, I replied, “We’ll take care of this now.”  He said, “You know, that stuff stinks! But she wanted it and she should have had it when she wanted it.  It makes her happy.”  I agree.  Let’s put a smile of her face today.  God bless that man.

One of our customers loves a particular essential oil blend that we work into our products.  After purchasing our soap for nearly a year she told me, “The scent reminds me of the cologne that my deceased brother used to wear.”  Apparently her brother loved to mix and match his scents.  The first time she purchased the soap from us she said she was taken back, she was filled with memories.  She recently said that she wanted so badly to make Christmas gifts for her family (potpourri and other items) with our blend.  In her next order I included a 1 ounce bottle of the essential oil blend, with the promise that she send pictures of the Christmas gifts.  She asked, “Even if they look like they were made by a 1st grader?”  Yep, I will hold her to it!

See, life gets tough, business gets tough.  It all gets tough.  But there are moments, and I treasure them, that simply are not irreplaceable.  The customers that cannot decide which soaps to order, the customers that consistently send emails to me, “Throw in what you like.  I love it all.”  Those are the times I absolutely cherish, and realize that, my personal dream, what I have put into this business (hours and a lot of hard work), and what I get back (I cannot do this alone – it is you that makes it happen), is what REALLY COUNTS!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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We have a lot to be thankful for in life.  Today we want to extend our appreciation to our customers.  You come through our virtual door often, with special notes (email) in your hands, telling us how much your love our products and service.  Many times you tell us, “Throw in the shopping bag what you want to.  I love everything you have.”  We are honored.

So, to say thank you, we are running a special offer in our soap store beginning Thanksgiving Day, through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and onwards through Cyber Monday (11/28/2011).

For each 4-Bar or 6-Bar Goat Milk Soap Set purchased (while supplies last), we will automatically include an 8 ounce Goat Milk Lotion (unscented), gift bagged.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!  May it be warm, peaceful, safe, and fun!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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Another winter (and summer) product that Annie and our customers love is goat milk lotion.  To keep the costs down (for us – therefore you), the pumps we currently have in stock have nearly doubled in price this year, we are testing items from new suppliers.

So far, the pump on the right is the winner.  The one on the left tends to stick.  Could be our lotion is too thick.  We like it not so runny!

I love being the lucky goat milk lotion tester, my skin loves it too.

By the way, I introduced our County Apple goat milk soap here, then decided to add the Country Apple scent to our lotion line for the holiday season.


Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feed the Goodness!

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Our goat milk lotion scent options have changed.  In this case, change really is good!

Many of you love our Moroccan Dreams goat milk soap.  Now you can order a matching lotion.  Men (and women as well) are drawn to the Patchouli Blend lotion.  Additional lotion blends now available are:  Honey Almond, Beautiful,  Still Waters, and Lavender Patchouli.  Many of the basic lotion scents, such as Honeysuckle or Lavender, are also still available.

We will no longer offer 4 oz or 8 oz goat milk lotion options on a retail basis.  Our 16 ounce lotion with pump is the best bargain, the most economical option.  If you need a quantity of smaller lotion sizes, for gift baskets for example, please email me at anniesgoathill@gmail.com.  As always, your input is appreciated, and your soap and lotion needs are what we are here for!

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 rosemary goat milk lotion

Being a farmer, I am used to working outdoors, year-round.  This winter, with making preparations at the new farm, we are working outside a lot more than normal. 

Working outside in the cold and wind has left me looking like I am competing at a seaside lobster-fest, uncomfortable and a bit red in the face for January, especially after I forgot to stop and treat my face while working outdoors all day. 

One morning, my lips felt extra chapped before I headed out the door to feed the goats.  I eyed the bottle of goat milk lotion containing rosemary essential oil sitting next to the supplies I was taking out the door with me.  The rosemary lotion was something I made at one point but didn’t like as a skin lotion, too herbal (like something to be cooked).  As I headed out the door that morning, in a pinch, I decided to apply a drop of the lotion to my lips.  Surprise! It felt wonderful.  It was cooling and my lips felt better conditioned and really did feel more protected as I worked in the cold.

The next morning I deliberately applied the rosemary goat milk lotion to both my lips and my chin area.  A girl needs all of the protection she can get from the nasty outdoor elements.  It worked again.  Now the rosemary lotion application is a ritual before I head out the door.  Funny how the store-bought lip ointment no longer seems to do the trick.  Toss it too? Probably.  Just like I did the store-bought face cream.

Perhaps it is the aloe vera, or the jojoba, or the shea butter, or a combination of everything in the lotion formula that works.  I know the rosemary is doing a great job. 

The fun of discovery…the almost…not quite.  With it being personally helpful to the body.  I like it.

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Cyber Monday Goat Milk Soap Sales

My husband and I have been tag-teaming in the soap shop.  He has taken over many animal duties to ensure we are able to stick with our one to two-day turnaround with retail orders.  He has also done an excellent job of boxing soaps and labeling lotions and packages.  I am blessed to have a wonderful partner, my best friend, who brings the extra gift of a lot of laughter to the soap studio!

Despite the busyness, I have done a lot of thinking.  The big broom came out and swept away my idea that we should never run out of any particular type of soap.  My new philosophy, the early bird gets the worm.  I had to beat it into myself, seriously! But…the fact is, if I were to shop at a big-name department store very late in the season, I may not find everything that I want, but if I shop early enough, I will find full shelves, with a huge selection!

With that being said, and without sounding like a running advertisement, we do still have a bounty of holiday soaps available.  Also fully stocked are the favorites, such as Cherries and Berries goat milk soap.

My parting words (also derived from the big sweep that I did on myself), remember to take a break and enjoy the season! I strongly believe a person accomplishes much more by resting appropriately.  Nobody can enjoy life itself while feeling stretched and stressed!

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 After filling a number of orders of bottled lotions I thought about the changes my goat milk lotions have taken this year.

I wrote a blog post here in the midst of last winter, where I talked about making goat milk lotions per order.  After reaching a lotion consistency that I am happy with, I stopped offering lotions by thickness (even though I will customize if asked to do so).  It took time, trial and error, to tweak the formula to one that I can call creamy, yet, fluid enough to nearly get the last drop from the bottle. 

The formula is also more nurturing, with the added benefits of jojoba oil, a plant-based wax that moisturizes without greasiness, and soothing aloe vera.

I began Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps as a soapmaker with no thoughts of lotion-making.  In fact, my first lotions were crafted from a pre-made base (not sold here).  After much consideration I attempted a simple formula.  The work that followed has been rewarding, mostly so because of my happy clients.  In no way, shape or form, do I work for myself! I am blessed in that respect.  Thank you!

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Temporarily, my 4 oz. goat milk lotions are out of stock.  I expect them to be available again within 7-10 days. 

8 oz. and 16 oz. goat milk lotions are still available. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Ocean Breeze Goat Milk Soap

Ocean Breeze Goat Milk Soap

I am including two product announcements in this blog post.

First, this is the Ocean Breeze soap that I placed on the website today.  This Ocean Breeze soap version replaces the one that I am deeply discounting due to a change in product style, not fragrance, as outlined in a blog post here.  I love the new look, do you?

Secondly, after the program that I put on last night, after one-on-one discussions with several people that are concerned about parabens (even though they have been deemed safe by the FDA), I have decided to retain the non-paraben preservatives that I currently use in my goat milk lotion.  You may reference the original discussion that I posted here.  Please jump in on this discussion if you would like.  Your comments are very much appreciated.

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