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Cyber Monday Goat Milk Soap Sales

My husband and I have been tag-teaming in the soap shop.  He has taken over many animal duties to ensure we are able to stick with our one to two-day turnaround with retail orders.  He has also done an excellent job of boxing soaps and labeling lotions and packages.  I am blessed to have a wonderful partner, my best friend, who brings the extra gift of a lot of laughter to the soap studio!

Despite the busyness, I have done a lot of thinking.  The big broom came out and swept away my idea that we should never run out of any particular type of soap.  My new philosophy, the early bird gets the worm.  I had to beat it into myself, seriously! But…the fact is, if I were to shop at a big-name department store very late in the season, I may not find everything that I want, but if I shop early enough, I will find full shelves, with a huge selection!

With that being said, and without sounding like a running advertisement, we do still have a bounty of holiday soaps available.  Also fully stocked are the favorites, such as Cherries and Berries goat milk soap.

My parting words (also derived from the big sweep that I did on myself), remember to take a break and enjoy the season! I strongly believe a person accomplishes much more by resting appropriately.  Nobody can enjoy life itself while feeling stretched and stressed!

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