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Ocean Breeze Goat Milk Soap

Ocean Breeze Goat Milk Soap

I am including two product announcements in this blog post.

First, this is the Ocean Breeze soap that I placed on the website today.  This Ocean Breeze soap version replaces the one that I am deeply discounting due to a change in product style, not fragrance, as outlined in a blog post here.  I love the new look, do you?

Secondly, after the program that I put on last night, after one-on-one discussions with several people that are concerned about parabens (even though they have been deemed safe by the FDA), I have decided to retain the non-paraben preservatives that I currently use in my goat milk lotion.  You may reference the original discussion that I posted here.  Please jump in on this discussion if you would like.  Your comments are very much appreciated.

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