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indexEssential Lotion Making: Skin Care Made Easy has published! The paperback is available (here), and the Kindle is listed (here).

After I made soap for a number of years I purchased pre-made lotion bases in bulk because I thought lotion making was going to be too difficult to tackle. Lotion formulating ended up being less difficult than soap making. This lead to the writing of this book, to teach others how easy lotion making really is.

I included a list of the most common preservatives in this book, in answer to the many questions I have received, as well as how to make and preserve goat milk lotion.

Handmade cosmetics are so good for the skin…and a big part of that reason is when we know what goes into the bottle, we also know what we are putting on our precious skin!

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Common questions that I receive regarding my products are:  What type of preservative do you use in your goat milk lotion? Is a preservative needed in goat milk lotion?

A product that contains water must contain a preservative.

The only way for a person to get around the requirement of a preservative is to make a small batch of lotion for your own use, store it in the refrigerator, and use it within 2 weeks

Selecting a preservative for goat milk lotion requires careful scrutiny, meaning, not just any preservative will do the job effectively.

The preservative that I prefer is Phenonip.  It covers the special needs of preserving a lotion that contains milk, it leaves no detectable odor in lotion, and it does not affect the thickness of the formula.  On the other hand, Phenonip contains parabens.  Parabens developed a bad name in 2004 when they were suggested to be linked to the retaining of estrogen in the tissues of the human body.  Parabens have since, time and time again, been proven safe.

I currently use a combination of Cosmocil and Potassium K.  I worked the percentages of use out with a chemist to ensure I use adequate preservative for my formula, yet, I did not want to overcompensate because Potassium K tends to leave an odor that I personally find offensive.  Cosmocil also lends to separation of  the milk from the distilled water that I use in my lotion recipes.  Cosmocil is a common preservative found in contact lense solutions.  It is very mild.  Cosmocil by itself is not an effective preservative for goat milk lotion.

I am considering returning to the preservative Phenonip.  It is proven to be both safe for the body and provides ultimate safety for the product (and your skin)!

Questions are welcome at any time.

(Update effective 3/2012.  Questions are welcome by me, however, please research preservatives carefully.  Soap and lotion ingredient suppliers carry a wealth of preservatives, and useful information such as suggested usage rates.  If you find you do need help, consider investing in your product, or your business.  I offer consultation (here) on my website).  Thank you! Mary

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