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 rosemary goat milk lotion

Being a farmer, I am used to working outdoors, year-round.  This winter, with making preparations at the new farm, we are working outside a lot more than normal. 

Working outside in the cold and wind has left me looking like I am competing at a seaside lobster-fest, uncomfortable and a bit red in the face for January, especially after I forgot to stop and treat my face while working outdoors all day. 

One morning, my lips felt extra chapped before I headed out the door to feed the goats.  I eyed the bottle of goat milk lotion containing rosemary essential oil sitting next to the supplies I was taking out the door with me.  The rosemary lotion was something I made at one point but didn’t like as a skin lotion, too herbal (like something to be cooked).  As I headed out the door that morning, in a pinch, I decided to apply a drop of the lotion to my lips.  Surprise! It felt wonderful.  It was cooling and my lips felt better conditioned and really did feel more protected as I worked in the cold.

The next morning I deliberately applied the rosemary goat milk lotion to both my lips and my chin area.  A girl needs all of the protection she can get from the nasty outdoor elements.  It worked again.  Now the rosemary lotion application is a ritual before I head out the door.  Funny how the store-bought lip ointment no longer seems to do the trick.  Toss it too? Probably.  Just like I did the store-bought face cream.

Perhaps it is the aloe vera, or the jojoba, or the shea butter, or a combination of everything in the lotion formula that works.  I know the rosemary is doing a great job. 

The fun of discovery…the almost…not quite.  With it being personally helpful to the body.  I like it.

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