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When I receive questions that I think others will benefit from I like to post them here. 

These are some recently asked questions:

Is your goat milk soap considered a body or facial soap?

  • Both.  When I create a soap I keep skin types in mind.  Some of the soaps are good for oily or combination skin (such as lemongrass, cedarwood).  Some are a good match-up for skin blemishes (such as lemongrass, patchouli, or tea tree). Some of the soaps are less drying, great for mature or dry skin (examples are:  unscented or honey oatmeal soaps, lavender, and orange mint).

Can your soaps be used as a shaving cream replacement?

  • Yes, I consider the lather from my soaps to have a thick luxurious feel.  This enables a smooth shave with less skin irritation, resulting in less nicks and chafing.  Honey oatmeal, for example, provides a wonderful rich lather that leaves the skin less irritated (as compared to shaving cream).

Do any of your soaps contain an exfoliant to assist with dead skin removal while cleansing?

  • Yes, the honey oatmeal is very mildy exfoliating.  The lemongrass poppyseed contains a natural exfoliant, poppyseeds. ,

Are any of your soaps or lotions helpful to those with”special or sensitive” skin conditions?

  • When using a new product I advise the client to 1) begin using the product in a small test area, 2) use the product sparingly, 3) overall body use must begin gradually. 
  • I suggest, when a person has tried many products that have failed, to give your skin a rest.  Try one product at a time.  There is something to be said about goat milk soaps and lotions, with their  lack of detergents and chemicals, but I cannot say they cure, heal or treat any certain condition.   Results (if any) depend upon your personal skin type.  Always consult with your physician!

If you have anything to add, please jump in and voice your comments. 

If you have questions, this is a great place to ask, someone else may be wanting to know the same thing!

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Alpine Dairy Goat


As I filtered the ice cold milk this morning, and took my normal sip of the sweet liquid to ensure the collection meets the fresh taste test, I thought about the blessings of having the dairy does on the farm.

I am very appreciative of the single doe that I have in milk right now, Iris, an alpine dairy goat.

Iris has been in milk for nearly a year.  Her volume has decreased dramatically, but she lets down enough milk to allow a fresh supply for my goat milk lotion.  What I do not use for lotion, I freeze for soap. 

For those of you considering a dairy doe, you can keep your doe in milk indefinitely as long as she continues to produce  milk. 

My trick is to supplement the dairy does with a good concentrate (grain). 

Watch the doe to ensure she does not thin out.  You can increase the amount of concentrate to allow for the volume of milk, however, too much protein can thin a goat down.  Make sure the doe is allowed to graze (or browse), and in the winter, or during lean grazing months, a good alfalfa mix hay is necessary.

If you need to chemically worm a goat in milk, continue to milk her, but discard the milk for the recommended amount of time. 

If a dairy doe becomes sick, requiring antibiotics, I remove her from the milkstand for the season.  I have only had to do that once.  It seems the does in milk are generally full of health.

I will keep Iris in milk until her final 2 months of pregnancy.  She has not thinned out, she is still eager to milk, and Annie’s Goat Hill always needs fresh milk on hand!

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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No, I cannot stake a claim to organic milk.  I cannot say the farmer’s field that contained the corn, or other grains in my feed, was never sprayed with anything other than natural fertilizer.

What I can tell you is this, my hay is raised by a local Mennonite neighbor that does use natural fertilizer.  The fertilizer comes from our local dairy barns, including mine.  There are no chemicals used on any of the dairy farms.

The feed that I use is a recipe that I developed.  It is mixed at a local mill, and the grain comes from local farms.  I know of no farms that use artificial pesticides or fertilizers in this area.  My farm is never sprayed with pesticides.

My dairy animals are not given growth hormones, nor do they receive antibiotics or chemical wormers while they are in milk.

I believe that is about as close to organic standards as you can get without the USDA stamp of organic.

Thank you for your questions, I hope to cover more here, to share with others!

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Vanilla Scented Goat Milk Soap

Vanilla Scented Goat Milk Soap

Today I am showcasing vanilla scented goat milk soap and lotion. 

Many of the products that I talk about in my Product Monday series are part of my “base soap and lotion” group, products that I keep in stock at all times.  Vanilla scented products were added to the base list in September 2009.

Natural vanilla fragrance fades in cold processed soap, so,  a man-made vanilla fragrance is called to the rescue! 

Guess what vanilla fragrance does as it ages in many types of products? Depending upon the percentage of vanilla in the product, the product color darkens from tan to chocolate brown.  There are additives on the market that stop (or slow) the browning effects of vanilla fragrance.  I choose to not use them.  I honestly like the color.

Vanilla soap does produce a tan lather…but never fear, no staining of wash clothes occur!

Looks like a chocolate bar, don’t you think? Smells luscious.  Clean.  Not at all a sickening sweet vanilla scent.  The same holds true for the lotion.

Lynnanne, a friend and blog reader, requested the vanilla soap.  She loves the lotion as well.  Her words are, “I think I could almost drink the lotion!” After Lynnanne offered a sniff of her lotioned arm to her aunt, her aunt became a fan as well.   

Let me know if there is a product that you would like to see covered in the Product Monday series. 

On a side note…I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We relaxed, visited with friends, and met new (friends of friends).  It was great! I feel totally refreshed. 


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Confetti Goat Milk Soap

I am listening.  People are telling me that skin problems, such as dry and sensitive skin, and eczema, have improved greatly since using my goat milk soaps and lotions.  

I cannot claim that my products clear or improve a skin condition.  If I did so, I would no longer be selling bars that are considered soaps, or lotions that are considered a cosmetic.  Instead, I would be selling drugs or medications.  I do not want to step down that path.

So, relying on word of mouth, testimonials (from clients and a physician), unsolicited feedback, there is definitely something to be said about my goat milk soap and lotions. 

The most popular items for extremely sensitive skin have been honey oatmeal goat milk soap and any of the unscented goat milk lotions.

Word of mouth, worth its weight in gold.  And I thank you!

By the way…the soap in the photo is something I have been experimenting with.  The photo was taken early yesterday as the sun began to stream through the window.  Pretty? I think so.  Smells wonderful.  I cannot disclose details yet.  Soon!

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Goat Milk Lotion

Goat Milk Lotion


I am holding a 50% off clearance sale on goat milk lotions. 

The scents included in the sale are:

  • Sweet Pea
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Lilac
  • Honeysuckle
  • Berries and Cherries
  • Citrus

In some scents, both 4 oz and 8 oz bottles are available.

Why the sale? The expiration dates on the clearance priced lotions are 5/2010 and 7/2010.  These are nice creamy lotions, seemingly fresh as the date they were bottled.

Natural, handcrafted lotions, especially those containing goat milk, should always be sold with an expiration date.    I apply an expiration date of one year from the date bottled.

You can find the lotions on my website, or by going directly to my website’s online store.  Select the category “discounted products,” or search for the scent you are looking for.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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Bing! I opened my newest package of shea butter and instantly felt as if I needed sunglasses.  It was as deep yellow as it could be! Nope, there is nothing wrong with the shea butter.  It is completely natural.  Shea butter varies in color from cream to yellow. 

As a reminder, due to natural variances in shea butter, my goat milk lotion ranges from a pale butter color to nearly pure white.    The scent of the shea butter also varies in strength.   The scent of shea butter in a lotion dissipates within minutes of application to the skin.

Shea butter is an excellent skin softener! A small dab of shea butter applied to the ends of your hair after shampooing works better than an expensive bottle of conditioner. Shea butter is also great for sore or ragged cuticles.  And, my family and I have used shea butter to heal burns and scars!

For more shea butter information, here is my original shea butter article.  And here is my article regarding product storage.  Shea butter and other natural ingredients require room temperature storage.  DO NOT leave your lotions, creams, or other natural products in a very hot environment.  The car is NOT a good place for storage!

FYI…whipped shea butter samples will soon be available.  The cooler fall temps will allow me to ship without the fear of a melt-down.  Who wants a melt-down???!!! Not I!

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I am phone writing tonight. The picture is coming from my mobile as well, so I have my fingers crossed for clarity. Ahhh…life in the country with satellite in rainstorms.

My post this evening combines the regular Monday product discussion with my own personal reminder to care for my skin.

I love hot baths but they are not good for dry skin. I am a person that will turn the faucet back on, little by little, to heat the water up to sauna level. And if I do not follow up with good skin care I end up with bumpy dry skin, itching including.

So, last night I had enough of my discomfort. I grabbed up the shop keys and headed out to replace my (then empty) pump bottle of lotion. I keep a small supply of “oops” lotions for myself and close friends.

As I applied the lavender lotion I felt almost instant relief. And today, no bumps on the legs and arms, and no itching!

I am told by several regular customers that they feel the lotion provides relief to their skin as well. Whether it be the lactic acid from the goat milk, the shea butter, the olive oil, or the avocado oil, I really do not know. The honest truth is, I like the results, and I did indeed toss out the department store body lotions (several bottles) that I had on hand!

On a personal note, not related to lotion, the kids are all heading back to school, and Vickie of SandFlatFarm  mentioned that she is looking forward to seeing my upcoming fall/holiday products, where is summer going? Wow!

pic 02291

Annie'Goat Hill Hancrafted Soaps- Goat Milk Lotions

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Lilac Goat Milk Soap

Lilac Goat Milk Soap

Products that are natural, and nearly natural, those that I craft, are a bit more sensitive to heat and cold.  Why? They do not contain additives that hold the  product at the same consistency regardless of temperature. 
Take goat milk lotion, for example, if the lotion itself heats up to 100 degrees it will become slightly thinner.  Once the lotion returns to room temperature (75-80 degrees) it returns to its normal consistency, creamy, not too thick, definitely not thin.
Do not leave the goat milk lotion in your car.  The temperatures in a car are far too extreme for a natural product. 
Upon arrival, during the warmer months (and extreme cold), allow a lotion or cream type of product to reach room temperature once you receive  it in shipment.  You will shortly find a product in its natural state, as it should be.
A natural bar of soap also comes with special care.  You know, you probably can set a bar of Zest (sorry folks) on a bathroom shelf indefinitely.  It would not matter if the temperature was 101 degrees, nor would the humidity at 98 % make a difference, the soap would not sweat.  Some natural bars will sweat.  Keep this in mind if you do not have air conditioning to regulate the temperature and humidity.  A bar that fits into this example perfectly is my spa salt bar.  I have seen a salt bar sweat in my bathroom, before we cranked up the A/C! I have no problems with my soap melting, unless it is sitting in a puddle of water.  If the soap is made from inexpensive melt and pour bases (not the method that I use), you may experience problems with soap melting away in higher temperatures.
Use your best judgment…I would not say the products are perishable, but use good judgment with their storage.  They do not require kid gloves, but they do require a tiny bit of TLC when it comes to storage.  A good handcrafted soap or lotion can remain “fresh” for at least a year, and honestly, I have some for my own personal use that are older.
By the way, I cut the bars of soaps (in the photo) today.  They are swirled (just on top) with a light violet.  The color in the photo does the soap no justice…they are interesting and beautiful.  They will be a part of the “25” soaps that I carry, lilac goat milk soap is on that list. 

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As announced in the June newsletter, some of my goat milk lotion fragrances are now available in 16 oz. bottles, with a handy pump top. Lavender and unscented are the first in stock, with more to be added in the upcoming weeks. And, if you want a scent in particular that you do not see on the site, you can always drop me an email, I will be more than happy to try to help ( anniesgoathill@gmail.com).
I have been testing the larger (than normal 8 oz.) bottle out myself. I love it! Having a bottle with a pump leaves me hands free after stepping out of the bath or shower, which is leaving me less likely to skip the moisturizing step this mature skinned woman needs. Oops, yep, I said it, mature skin. 🙂

I am having a beautiful Monday here. Got up with the chickens, before sunlight hit, made lotion before 7:00 A.M. . Crazy goat lady I am! Accomplished a lot, and now I am being treated with a beautiful day with work behind me. Hope you enjoy the day too!

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