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A healthy body does help maintain a healthy mind. 

Ask a runner the question, “When do you feel at your worst?”  They generally reply that they feel sluggish and downcast after skipping their exercise routine.

I have not felt 100% since mid-winter.  I (try to) blame it on February 2010 – snow storms, no outdoor activity, and a lot of dreary weather.  There wasn’t much to be done except eat and look forward to spring.  Now that spring is here, and nearly summer, I have extra pounds around my middle, and I am out of excuses.  Even though I will not turn this blog into my personal fitness journal, I will be checking in now and then to talk about my trek towards a sharper mind and body.  

If you are like me, perhaps you do not like the couch or armchair very much.  Perhaps you do not like to park your tush at the television either.  You might be active, as I am, but you do not engage in deliberate exercise.   That is where I am at, always active, but have never been athletic.

My initial plans are to dust off the exercise bike and the weights, all done in “baby steps.”  I am a strong believer that too much pain leads to too much discouragement.

Cutting out seconds at the dinner table normally does the trick for me.  And watching the fat content as well.   And, there will not be any purchases of trigger foods for a while.  Do you have a trigger food, one that you simple cannot stay out of if you know it is in the house? My problem food is cheese.  I love it all too much! Me and cheese have a love affair going on!

How about you? What do you do to maintain a healthy body?

P.S.  I do not believe woman need to be a size 2 to be beautiful or healthy.  We can be healthy, feel healthy, live healthy, and be happy, while enjoying the bounties of life.

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Because I am fond of aroma I am very much aware of the miracle of our olfactory system (the sensory system in our body that is used for our sense of smell).

I do believe humans are less sensitive to scent than they were when they were created. Humans that have not been subjected to chemicals and man-made fragrances throughout their lives have a much sharper sense of smell, nearing the level that an animal has. Almost a 6th sense to us. We, on average, obviously do not have such capabilities.

I also find it interesting that our perception of aroma is swayed by the scents that surround us. An example of this is an essential oil blend that smelled one way to me in the house, quite different in my shop, and once again different outdoors.

It has been said that our sense of smell is 10,000 stronger than any of our other senses. I believe it! And I feel we depend upon it much more than we are aware of.

Try to eat when you cannot breathe through your nose. Food becomes unappealing. Take a walk in the woods, or at the beach without the sense of smell. Much would be missing. Cooking, and even cleaning, also depend upon our wonderful noses. Imagine searing a beautiful cut of meat, or a vegetable, without the use of the nose to detect the changes occurring in the pan. Even the suggestion of danger from smoke reminds us that our sense of smell is priceless.

I was surprised last week while shopping for tomato plants. All at once I was reminded of beautiful pure essential oils. It was absolutely refreshing. As I looked up I saw three potted herbs; lavender, thyme, and rosemary. What a blessing!

Are you too an aroma-aware person? Try to live without it, wouldn’t it be difficult?

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Majestic Strength


I am a huge believer that each person is blessed with talents and strengths.  

I am also a huge believer of not focusing on your own weaknesses. 

When you focus on your strengths you get better at “your best.”  

When you focus on your weaknesses you draw away from what is best about you. 

Have you ever been very frustrated at something that you thought you should be an instant success at? Something that simply baffled you to no end? When that happens it does not mean you are a failure.  It means you need to give yourself time and patience.  

Focus on what you are best at, what comes naturally to you.  Your talents will then shine, and your healthy well-being will thank you for it.

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Today I am talking about an organization that does a tremendous service for impoverished people around the world.  The name and link to the organization is CleanTheWorld.org

I will quote to you, in their own words, what Clean The World is about, “CTW is a non-profit, charitable organization that recycles soap, shampoo and lotion discarded by hotels, and distributes the recycled products worldwide to people who need it to prevent the spread of disease and death.”

Clean The World was in service prior to the earthquake in Haiti.  More than ever, they need additional funds, soap and shampoo, and volunteers to aid with relief efforts.

I am inspired and touched by the videos on the Clean the World site.  I hope you are able to watch and see for yourself the magnificent efforts of CTW.

Thank you, and God bless!

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With H1N1 on the scene, people are washing their hands more frequently and are using antibacterial products more often as well.

With frequent hand-washing, I recommend products that are natural, or as natural as possible. 

Dry your hands completely between washing.  Do not expose your hands to extreme cold temperatures while damp.

When bathing, do not use overly hot water.  Hot water tends to sap the skin of its natural oils.  When the hands and skin become stripped of natural oils, they are more susceptible to bacteria and skin irritation.  Skin allergies can also flare following over-washing of hands.

Use products that moisturize the skin often.  Products that contain natural oils are beneficial to dry skin in the coldest of seasons.  They can provide a thin protective barrier to the elements.   

I read an article, and have chosen to not link to it, that advised readers to not use a bottle of soap if it lists “soap” on the label.  I disagree with part of that statement.  Soap that is just that, soap, and not a detergent, is better for sensitive skin than a soap that contains detergents and surfactants.  A “true” soap simply does just that, it cleanses the skin without additives that may/or may not irritate your skin.

I have talked about anti-bacterial products before, and I am not going to dive back into them in-depth today.  In my opinion, for your own immune system to work properly (to not develop immunities), and for the environment’s sake, I personally avoid anti-bacterial products.

Simple skin care…less irritating, the bottom line.

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In most states the sale of raw milk is illegal.

Raw milk has been linked to certain illnesses over the course of history, however, raw milk, especially goat milk, has acted as a “wonder drug” according to those that drink it.  Many report lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar, and children that thrive on the milk as well, with overall allergies tremendously lessened.

I read an article this morning, posted to the Wisconsin State Journal regarding the safety of raw milk.  All the while thinking, so many illnesses are blamed on certain types of food.  Take the big spinach scare – the problem was not the spinach, it was likely the water in one location that was contaminated.  One farm, one isolated problem…not the spinach itself! You might find this article in The Atlantic interesting as well, re:  Why Small Farms Are Safer, it touches on the food safety issue as well.

I make no bones about it.  I drink raw milk.  I am not a huge milk drinker, but I feel safe in knowing where my milk came from…what went into it…what did not go into it.  If I were to sell raw milk, I would definitely want it to be tested, for the peace of mind, safety for others. 

As the article from the Wisconsin State Journal mentioned, why can tobacco be sold? Tobacco has been tested.  It has no healthy benefits.  It has been proven to cause deadly health issues on a consistent basis, unlike raw milk, yet, it is one hot commodity.  Hmmm?

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No matter who you are…a busy individual  running a business…a student cramming for exams…a parent caring for youngsters…no matter your degree of busyness, I hope you remember to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. 

The simple things are the abundance’s that have been given to us. 

My kitchen is full of windows, one nearly spans the back wall.   From it I can see my shop and a bird feeder.

This morning I noticed birds watching the feeder from afar…many beautiful hungry birds…intent on seeing when “the human” was going to fill their feeder with seed.

And then, I saw the red-headed woodpecker.  He was a big young man.  As if he knew I was trying to take a picture, he flew off each time I silently inched towards the window. 

He made several trips to the feeder.  With a mouth full of seed or corn, he would fly over to the electric pole.  He carefully climbed the pole and placed his harvest inside the pole’s crevices and splits.  Delightful…smart creature! He was happy.  He knew his abundances.

Most of the birds had flown each time I took a picture…but a few remained in the lilac bushes.

Have a beautiful day…please savor your abundances, the smallest of things in life!

“Whatever we are waiting for- peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.” – Sarah Ban Brethnach

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