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I see visions of a Sunrise soap, to match this beautiful morning.

What better time of day is there to think, meditate, enjoy the peace? Even while standing outside in the crisp air, taking a photo, listing to nothing but the birds waking up, it was beautiful.

Sunrise soap – something citrusy, clean, fresh, and filled with hope for a new day!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness

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Lighten Your Heart - Fly Like A Butterfly

When I am touched by something, or someone, that I cannot help, I feel compelled to write about it, hoping that it will touch another life in a positive manner.  Many of the posts in my Inspirations and General Reflections categories came about from something such as this…

For those that have a tender heart.

We all get stung now and then.  Little stings that seem to pop out of nowhere. 

It is good to love and care.

But, please do not allow your own energy to drip and drain away because another being has been insensitive.  Forgive.

Take a big healthy breath.

Be content because you do care.

And then, live.

When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble.”  Proverbs 4:12

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Rainy December Day

Have you ever been busy enough to barely notice the rain? Have you ever laughed enough to not notice the darkness during a short winter-type of day?

Rain, it is something nature seems to require more of during the hot summer months, verses late fall when the deluge appears to check in for the long haul.  The fact is, trees can die in the winter months from a lack of water just as easily as they can during a parched summer season.  A drought can be reversed during any month of the year.

We, as humans, are in need of life-sustaining water as well.  We can experience inner-droughts.  But I am really not reflecting on the water that we drink to keep our bodies ticking.  I am referring to the life-sustaining laughter and happiness that we require. 

Do you know someone who is internally shriveled up, filled with bitterness, no longer able to see the break in the clouds, no longer able to laugh even during the darkest of days? I have.  I would love to give them a drink of the good water, to nourish their minds and souls.  Purge the ugly thoughts that seem to envelope them.  End their drought…their lack of hope.  

Do you think we need to remember that our bodies need replenishing too, not only with wet water, with spiritual water, to prevent an inner-drought? Do you think we can focus on love, laughter, humanity and gratefulness despite the dark days? The tree sustains itself during the darkest of months, renewing itself just in time for the dry summer months, should we do the same?

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I have been concentrating on self-improvement recently.  The result is not pointed directly at me.  It is pointed at family, friends, my home, and life in general.

There is a deep-seated need within me, a need to share my happiness with others.

I do not see the world as an easy place to live.  I face my own challenges such as weight gain, constant aches and pains, grown children that do not communicate across the miles, a husband that is out of work and not feeling well, friends that are having a tough time in life…and the list goes on.

I do not share my problems with people often, I share them with God.

Everyone has their own style.  My style is to be as positive as possible.  There is enough hardship in the world to bring us down without casting my own shadow upon others.

As my good friend, Omar, leader of a local Mennonite church says, “I should not complain.”  God bless him.  He inspires me. 

I went to my shop today to work on a client order.  I dug through the CD’s.  Today I was troubled with the thoughts, “Should I share my troubles with everyone, or should I give thanks and move on.”  I flipped on the CD, The Traveling Light, Songs From The 23rd Psalm.

As I worked I listened.  It all became clear to me, “I shall not fear the darkness.” 

I shall not fear the darkness.  I hope that song sticks with me for days to come.

Life is beautiful.  I am thankful.  I pray for help, just like everyone else does.  I have my moments.  I dig myself back out.  I am strong, I know I am.  But I am also weak.  I will admit to it.

For now, I choose to shine as much as I can for everyone around me.  It is what I was designed to do.

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A person very dear to me said, “I just cannot do this.  I simply can not do it!” Yes, you can.

I admit, I was well into the middle part of my 40’s before I realized that all things are possible. 

Self-doubt is very defeating.  Dreams can be squashed by a little voice that whispers, “You might not be able to do this.”  Self-doubt causes us to shun our aspirations, our hopes, and our plans.  Self-doubt causes us to not make corrections in our lives that frees us to move forward.  We vigorously ignore and take detours because it appears much easier than facing a challenge.

So sad.  Such a waste of time and energy.

To the one that is struggling…call them brick walls, stumbling blocks, hurdles, whatever the term for challenges might be for you…if you never test the waters, if you never jump through the ring of fire (the vision that I use), you will likely not get where you want to be in life.  As grandmother used to say, “Nobody is going to hand that to you on a silver platter.”  You have to make it happen.

It is a fact, the more you accomplish, the stronger you get.  Stronger = more faith in yourself. 

I hope to not listen to the self-doubt voice ever again…but I am sure it will whisper something in my ear again soon.  I love the challenge, because it reminds me that I am human, and that I am weak.  But I also love it because it reminds me that I can freely do whatever good I know I can do!

 Morning Light 002





“Let’s check and see if I’m going


or backward,

or nowhere . . . .

-Gladis and Gordon DePress

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Misc 007When I ask myself the question, have you been reflective recently? The resounding answer is a definite yes! Meditative? Very!

The world comes with trials, disappointments, and frustrations.  What I do to armour myself against those trials is what helps me to win the battle(s).

My battles are won through faith in God.  Period. 

I could oh so easily throw my hands up in the air and say the words, “I give up, this is too difficult.”  But I am not turning back, I am sticking with the One that created me. 

Jesus said: “Do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’…But seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”  Matthew 6:31, 33-34

Amen! Over and out! When I find myself slipping into the notion of worrying about tomorrow, I quickly remind myself that it is up to Him to do the work.  He has plans for me! I need only concentrate on this very moment, do what is best for my future today.

With love to all of you!

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Color From The Flower Garden

Color From The Flower Garden


Today I am talking about a blog that inspires me, The Lylah Blog – Simple Home Living

I could not tweak my own words to suit the purpose, so here are Lylah’s own words, “The Lylah Blog is about encouraging women to apply the Simple Home Principles to become great wives, loving mothers and on purpose home makers who learn the value of creating sanctuary.”

In my own words, there are a lot of blessings in life, and Lylah is one of them!

In her post, Being an On Purpose Home Keeper, Lylah wrote:  See, I am in no way perfect. I have not arrived. I am in process. And, when I write what I know is true, what I know is Biblical, what I know works and what I know honors God – I get reminded. I get to be challenged all over again. I don’t know about you, but I need that. I need the kick in the pants – as I run this race . . . as God develops character (His) in me – for the sake of the Kingdom and That Day (2 Corinthians 5:7-11).


In her post, A Farm on Every Floor, an article embracing vertical farming and gardening, Lylah captioned a photo with:  And, what would happen if we raised our kids on a farm? Think things might change?

Lylah surprised me in that post as well with a link to my own Annie’s Goat Hill blog. 

Thank you to her post, My Friend LaRue.  I finally have an idea how to display my grand-mothers colorful aprons! You need to go see!

Lylah authors more than one blog, her French inspired blog is:  La Maison Et La Jardin . I drool over that one!

I lived in France for a couple of years as a young child.  Now I have a few French-related blog posts in my drafts! My memory has been incredibly sparked! Life is good!

I think I met Lylah on Twitter.  At this point, I do not remember, and it does not matter. 






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