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This morning brought a few surprises from nature.  A return of winter with a coating of snow on the ground.  And beautiful deer foraging in the lower pasture.  They don’t know the calender still says it is winter as they live their daily lives, I suppose we shouldn’t either.  Everything happens in its own time.

Happiness happens in its own time too…but being positive is a decision that we make.  I chose to look at the beauty today.  Sunshine and green grass is absent, but again, in its own time.

Happiness is an emotion…being positive is an action.

All season are beautiful for the person that carries happiness within. – Horace Friess

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No matter who you are…a busy individual  running a business…a student cramming for exams…a parent caring for youngsters…no matter your degree of busyness, I hope you remember to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. 

The simple things are the abundance’s that have been given to us. 

My kitchen is full of windows, one nearly spans the back wall.   From it I can see my shop and a bird feeder.

This morning I noticed birds watching the feeder from afar…many beautiful hungry birds…intent on seeing when “the human” was going to fill their feeder with seed.

And then, I saw the red-headed woodpecker.  He was a big young man.  As if he knew I was trying to take a picture, he flew off each time I silently inched towards the window. 

He made several trips to the feeder.  With a mouth full of seed or corn, he would fly over to the electric pole.  He carefully climbed the pole and placed his harvest inside the pole’s crevices and splits.  Delightful…smart creature! He was happy.  He knew his abundances.

Most of the birds had flown each time I took a picture…but a few remained in the lilac bushes.

Have a beautiful day…please savor your abundances, the smallest of things in life!

“Whatever we are waiting for- peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.” – Sarah Ban Brethnach

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On the way to the shop this morning, this is what I saw, remnants from the morning fog.  Funny how you do not see spider webs until they pick up some moisture.  Spider webs all over the farm.

Spider Web After The Fog

Spider Web After The Fog

This is what I made in the shop today.  Thought it was pretty too…

                                                                                 Misc 004

               Honeysuckle Scented Goat Milk Soap

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Was It The Blue?

As I was doing dishes early this morning I heard a bird hit the window right in front of me. I am a softie for animals and nature, so I immediately wondered if the bird was okay.
I looked up from a window a moment later and much to my surprise, because I had not seen one for years, was a beautiful indigo bunting perched on the picnic table. He appeared to be admiring the 12 packages of roses that we had purchased (at a deep discount) yesterday!
I am even giggling at myself over this one, but do you think he was looking at the blue? Do you think he first thought he saw a flock of indigo buntings on the table?
I remember the first time I saw an indigo bunting. It was the bird that got me interested in novice bird watching, 10th grade biology. We had walked into the field behind our school, and then into a small wooded area. There he was, a beautiful indigo bunting perched high up in the tree. He was beautiful. The colors were striking.
Here is a little information on the indigo bunting, along with a photo that I borrowed (not a photo taken through a rain streaked window, ha):
  • A brilliantly blue bird of old fields and roadsides, the Indigo Bunting prefers abandoned land to urban areas, intensely farmed areas, or deep forests. The Indigo Bunting migrates at night, using the stars for guidance. It learns its orientation to the night sky from its experience as a young bird observing the stars.
  • The sequences of notes in Indigo Bunting songs are unique to local neighborhoods. Males a few hundred meters apart generally have different songs. Males on neighboring territories often have the same or nearly identical songs

Borrowed info from : http://www.allaboutbirds.com/

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Ms. Akira has funky ears…and they are really funny in today’s wind! It is a definitely a hold onto your hat folks type of day!

Akira is a doeling born to Bonnie, an alpine, and Emery, a nubian buck, last season. She is a large girl, and one that loves to chatter. I truly appreciate her. I am hoping for a nice sturdy girl on the milk stand someday from Ms. Akira.

I did not sleep very well last night, and some time during the night I heard little peeping noises. I would hear one little peeper, then silence, 20-30 minutes later I would hear another. I thought, “The goslings are hatching.” Sure enough, there are 6 little fuzzy geese following mom and dad around today. I am always relieved when the eggs hatch, no smashing, no turtles bothering the eggs. The pair of geese come back and visit each spring. We love to see them return, and are sad when the family leaves.

I cannot get very close to the family today, so I tried a photo from across the pond. The babies look like specks, but they are scattered behind and below their proud and watchful parents on the ground.

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We have a lot of spring clean up to do around our place. Included in those clean up plans are the moving of some of the goats to new locations, such as this one. Goats are great for cleaning up woody and weedy areas. Set a handful free, and they can chomp it down in no time!

Each time my husband mowed the area where he is standing in the photo he would hit a rock. He tried to cover the rocks up with top soil. Nothing seemed to work.

He then told me that he was going to dig the rocks up. He did. There were some large ones! In fact, I think he said seven in total. This particular one is “his boulder.”

What you cannot see is the creek that runs along the property line. All of the rocks were moved, placed along the creek bed, using the tractor and bucket. The bucks are going to love their new area, with a creek, and many large rocks to play on.

The dear husband reads the blog from time to time. He asked me last night, “Didn’t you post about my big rock?” Here it is…and yes, he worked hard, and he deserves the credit!

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