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Goat Milk

A few days ago I poured 2 ounces of whole cow milk into a cup, thinking it would be a quick refreshing drink. 

I took a sip…blech!!!!

Several thoughts crossed my mind.  The milk did not taste right.  It tasted metallic.  It seemed processed.

Then I realized I had not tasted store bought milk in several years.  I do not drink milk often, it mainly goes into soap and lotion.  When I do put goat milk up for myself, I filter and drink it raw, ice cold.   

What a difference!

It was like comparing the taste and texture of a fresh summer garden tomato to a store bought hot-house tomato purchased in the middle of January!

How I would love to be totally self-sustaining on the farm.  I would love to grow every ounce of our own food.

Can you imagine how much healthier we might be if we shrugged all processed foods?

I have been nibbling on protein bars here and there, helping me to fill in the gaps between meals.  Reading the labels on the boxes tells me, “You can do better than that, lady!” I would be better off drinking 4 oz. of fresh milk.  It would work the antibodies up in my blood, not to mention lower cholesterol, amongst other helpful things. 

What do you think, have you had dreams of being self-sufficient, or at least nearly so? 

Do you think we, as a whole, could be much healthier without the chemicals and processing of our food?

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