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A friend very close to me has Alzheimer’s disease.  I have known others in my life that have had the disease, but this one sticks particularly close to my heart.  I find myself reading every article on the topic that crosses my path.

Experts say there are 7 steps to the disease.  My friend is at a 6.  She is holding her own, thanks to her husband.  He works  his tail off to take care of both him and her.  We should all pray that we have someone in our lives that will ensure we live a good life if we are someday diagnosed with this horrible disease!

The latest article that I stumbled across indicates that studies are showing the development of Alzheimer’s may be linked to a lack of sleep.  I am not crazy about the studies done on rats, but they are what they are.  And, sadly, there are medications that work well on rats but not so much on humans.  Alzheimer’s is one of those medical conditions (such as diabetes, cancer) that all of us hope for great strides towards a cure!

Another reason to really work hard at not living continuously on a lack of sleep!

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