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Rainy December Day

Have you ever been busy enough to barely notice the rain? Have you ever laughed enough to not notice the darkness during a short winter-type of day?

Rain, it is something nature seems to require more of during the hot summer months, verses late fall when the deluge appears to check in for the long haul.  The fact is, trees can die in the winter months from a lack of water just as easily as they can during a parched summer season.  A drought can be reversed during any month of the year.

We, as humans, are in need of life-sustaining water as well.  We can experience inner-droughts.  But I am really not reflecting on the water that we drink to keep our bodies ticking.  I am referring to the life-sustaining laughter and happiness that we require. 

Do you know someone who is internally shriveled up, filled with bitterness, no longer able to see the break in the clouds, no longer able to laugh even during the darkest of days? I have.  I would love to give them a drink of the good water, to nourish their minds and souls.  Purge the ugly thoughts that seem to envelope them.  End their drought…their lack of hope.  

Do you think we need to remember that our bodies need replenishing too, not only with wet water, with spiritual water, to prevent an inner-drought? Do you think we can focus on love, laughter, humanity and gratefulness despite the dark days? The tree sustains itself during the darkest of months, renewing itself just in time for the dry summer months, should we do the same?

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