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Carol Stout holds an annual fund raiser for JDRF (the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation), in the Metro St. Louis area.   

Carol recently contacted me, stating that she had received bars of my soap as gifts.  She said, “I love what you are doing, your product and your spirit.”  Thank you, Carol! You are a blessing in many lives, including mine!

Carol is the mother of a grown son who suffered from juvenile diabetes.  He had several rough years, including missing half of his high-school years and 6 serious hospital stays.  Carol said, “I had to do something and so along with family and friends organized a fund-raiser.” 

Personally, I have participated in a few fund-raisers in my life, passively for the most part, donating money.  Once I donated Samson for an evening cancer walk.  Yes, he walked around the track, helping people earn money for laps completed.  It was a huge event, and I was proud to offer my boxer boys’ assistance.   I will be very happy to assist with Carol’s event as well! Carol asked if I would like to donate some of my products to be used in her auction or raffle baskets.  I am delighted.  I say, AS GOOD AS DONE!

The real topic here is Carol, and her friends and family, and more specifically the fight to find a cure for diabetes.  Imagine, with help from people such as Carol and friends, if the cure for diabetes were finally found.  What if children (and adults) no longer had to fight the disease as they do, no longer having to struggle just to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

If there is anything you can do to help with this cause, in your own area (I am sure there are chapters available), please do so.  The link to the JDRF Metro Saint Louis blog is:  http://www.jdrfstl.org/ .  The blog post regarding Carol Stout’s efforts is:  http://www.jdrfstl.org/2008/07/29/nothing-trivial-about-this/ . 

Carol’s group of friends and family have been organizing this event for 6 years.  Over 250 people attend annually.  The event has raised around $47,000.00 for the Juvenile-Diabetes Foundation!

Carol, you are a blessing, to me, and to people around the globe, for your king sized efforts in the fight for juvenile diabetes research! We all thank you!!!

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