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Such wonderful memories of grandmother in her starched “house dresses.”  They normally were a pale-colored plaid, cotton blend, with a hem below the knee.  Grandmother, a small woman, in wire-framed glasses, whom was kind but spoke her mind, washed her face and brushed her teeth, and put her hair into a “bun” before she greeted the kitchen – or us – each morning.  God bless her. 

How about the memories of dressing up just to go shopping? Going to Sears was a big deal! We didn’t have much money, but we did look respectful.  There was no excuse for being dirty or messy.  Manners were also highly rated!

My grandmother and mother spent hours at the sewing machine each and every spring and fall, sewing dresses, pant-suits (in the late 60’s, early 70’s), and even coats.  I can still smell the fresh fabric as the steam from the iron pressed open the new seams.

I sometimes miss those special times.  I’ll throw on a decent t-shirt and jeans, and sometimes a pair of flip-flops and make a quick trip to the grocery store.  Yet, I sometimes miss the big a-do of shopping.  Perhaps in prior times it was all about not shopping often, it really was a treat.  Wasn’t it?

Can we call them vintage memories? Perhaps.  I want to hear about yours!

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I have this little garden spot that I love. 

Each spring I plant easy flowers in the spot.  I use some of the plants, such as the Calendula, in infusions for salves and other products. 

I plant herbs further down the small garden, and tomatoes.

Today I stood in the rain to take this photo.


I am so grateful for the rain.  We needed it.

As the thunderstorm and rain moved through, and as I saw the growing world replenished with the much-needed outburst, I thought about how blessed I am by my friends, family and customers.  You replenish my soul! You (and the good Lord above) replenish me on a daily basis.

May you have life-sustaining water, and a lot of it!  There is no match to true happiness and satisfaction.

Have a beautiful day!

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I listened in on a conversation between friends a few days ago.

One friend said, “I think the Internet is great for research, for learning about things, but I do not think it is right for people to be able to connect with each other as readily as they do across thousands of miles.  I do not think that is the way things were supposed to be.” 

Normally I chime right in, say how I feel.  But I remained quiet.  As shocking as this might sound, I was lost for words.

For whatever reason, tonight I stared at a map of the United States.  And then I remembered the conversation.

I looked at the map and thought about our connections.  We really are scattered about.  Far and wide.  But are we?

I thought about how we learn from each other.  How we share in bits and pieces of our daily lives.  How we can operate a business from home, doing what we love, holding onto our dreams. 

I think about my friends that do ministry work online.

I cannot fathom any of that being a bad thing.

I feel rather blessed.

How about you?

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The Beginnings Of Autumn Color

The Beginnings Of Autumn Color

As I cleaned my windows (spray, rub, wipe) until they were crystal clear, a job I truly dislike, I reflected on the beginnings of the beautiful autumn colors on the trees that surround the house. 

Winter annoys me with its long dark days.  Cabin fever sets in.  Thoughts of hibernation creeps into my veins.

But I am grateful…very grateful…

Genesis 1:14  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

Fall brings with it special memories for me.  As I washed the windows today I remembered my mother.  I think mom did a lot of spring cleaning in the fall too.  She was a lot better at it than me. 

Another fond autumn memory was meeting my husband (8 years ago).  I immediately realized I had met a very special friend.  I prayed that evening, “I want to be a devoted friend to this man.”  Little did I know that I would love him deeply.  What a blessing in my life.

The stained glass window, that I so carefully wash around (hung on a chain) was given to me on our first Valentine’s Day.  It came from a dismantled English cottage, dated in the 1800’s,  bought in a treasured shop in Missouri.  By the way, I could live in that shop! Anything from old locks, keys, staircases, light fixtures, doors, windows…fascinating! All preserved in their original state. 

Cottage Window

Cottage Window

 Have a beautiful Sunday! I hope you are enjoying this day too!

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September Sunrise

From enjoying the sunrise…to treasured time with friends…working on the tractor project.
I hope you are also having a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!
Massey Harris 50 Taking A Bath

Massey Harris 50 Taking A Bath

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From My Rose Garden

From My Rose Garden

Stopping and smelling the roses isn’t all about the lovely rose scent coming from the plants in the garden. 

As I grew older I began to realize that beauty was not just what a person could see.  And the most important things in life were not material things.  What is most important is people. 

The phrase stop and smell the roses is referring to the act of slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying what is really of value in our lives.

Have you ever been so busy, so worried about “things,” or just so engrossed in a particular matter, that you forgot to pay attention to yourself or a loved one?  The misguided focus one day soon grows into a week, a week grows into a month, and quickly an entire season passes.  It is not a good feeling when the reality of the missed time and focus becomes clear.

Out of love, I am reminding you to stop and smell the roses, and out of love, I am going to schedule deliberate time to do the most important things in life!

Thank you to my friends, my family, all of the wonderful people in my life!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Misc 002

You are going to be HOW old? Gasp!

Life is one fast ride! 
Sunday is my 51st birthday.  Isn’t it amazing how 50 years old seemed so ancient when you were 20? Now, I find it entertaining that 70 can seem young when I am 50!
What was your most significant birthday?
25 was a difficult one for me.  I can laugh at it now.  I had 2 small sons.  I was happy as a mother.  My existence wrapped around those two boys! But somehow the mile markers in my life had whipped past me.  12 was a big birthday, 13, then 16, 18, 21…and 25, what was so special after that? Believe me, I was not depressed, not one moment…but I felt really-really old! Tee hee!
Life is special!
I love the wisdom, the learning, the blossoming of who you are.  And with an older age years under the belt comes the warmth in really knowing the true friends and family, those that are cemented into your life.  Would I want to turn the clock back? No!
Could I possibly, though, turn some of the body parts clock back? Just a tad bit? Please? Then I remind myself that God designed this body, He thought it was pretty special, and he knew it would someday begin to age.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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