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Help for folks with fine, thin, limp hair is not impossible.

Start looking at the shampoo that you use.  People with fine, thin hair should avoid shampoos that claim to silken,  soften, or moisturize the hair.   Generally these types of shampoos weigh the hair down, which leaves it with very little chance for body.

Fine hair is helped by frequent trims, good haircuts, and layers that are “undercut,” meaning, the under layers are trimmed slightly shorter.  Trimming the under layers slightly shorter leads the outer layers to lay in a curved manner, which looks smooth, with a look and feel of added body.

Blow drying techniques help with fine and limp hair as well.  If you hair needs lift, blow dry your hair while holding your head down, upside down if you can.

I have very close and personal experience with fine, thin hair.  I tell it straight.  All of these tips have worked for me.

My own shampoo bars have also served me well.  I will never touch a bottle of shampoo again, at  least until I am too old to make my own! I have received good feedback from others as well.  A sample of some of the shampoo bars that have been used are the tea tree blend with hemp seed oil, the unscented, and rosemary with goat milk and castor oil. 

This post came to life after I began to wonder how and why the shampoo bars were working.  The conclusion is that they cleanse without adding any coating to the hair shaft.  Once the user begins shampooing on a regular basis with the bars, after the old coatings/waxes (or products that have weighed the hair down) are gone, the hair is left clean and clear.  Clean and clear means there isn’t anything left to weigh the hair strands down.

I hope you did find this article useful.  We all battle with problem skin and hair.  I am overjoyed to have found at least one solution for my own!

You may want to read a prior blog post where I described how to use the shampoo bars (here).  The initial shampooing definitely is a process, one that involves removal of old products, which can take a few days to several weeks (as it was for me)! In this case, as it normally is in life, patience pays off.


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Honey Lemon Oatmeal Scrub

Honey Lemon Oatmeal Scrub


 This scrub contains simple items, easily found at your local grocery store.

  • Oatmeal, gentle exfoliation.
  • Lemon juice, clears blemishes and lightens age spots.
  • Honey, humectant (retains and attracts moisture)
  • Olive oil, conditioning


Oatmeal and Honey Facial Scrub

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/3 cup oats

Mix all ingredients until a thick paste is formed.

The scrub can be used on any part of the body that needs exfoliation, brightening, or toning.  I begin with the face.

Because I have mature skin, I do not wash my face with soap prior to applying the scrub.  I use a warm moist washcloth to gently remove excess dirt before application. 

Warning, this is a messy process, so you will want to apply the scrub while leaning over a sink or towel.   

Begin applying the scrub to the face in small circular motions.  Never pull downwards on any part of your facial skin or eye areas.  Pulling downwards leads to excess sagging of the skin.   The oatmeal does not stick to the skin, however, the thin layer that remains (film from the oatmeal, lemon, honey, and olive oil) will nurture your skin. 

Relax…leave the scrub on the skin for 10 minutes.

Gently remove the scrub with a warm (not hot) water rinse.

My skin really benefits from this treatment.  It always feels better conditioned, toned, and brightened after several uses.  I never have to follow up with a moisturizer after the treatment!


  • Avoid the eye area.  The citric acid will irritate the eye membranes.
  • Oily complexion? Substitute water for olive oil. 
  • Use natural honey.  Be aware, some manufactures do include corn syrup in their honey products.
  • You may grind the oatmeal to a finer consistency prior to mixing the scrub.  Do not use instant oatmeal.
  • If you do not want to apply the oatmeal directly to your skin (it is messy), add a small amount of clean clear water to the recipe.  Using a cotton ball, apply the excess liquid (milk-like) to your skin.  Leave on for 10 minutes.

Enjoy and relax!

I have many recipes and tips to share with you in this new category, Skin and Hair Care!




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Bing! I opened my newest package of shea butter and instantly felt as if I needed sunglasses.  It was as deep yellow as it could be! Nope, there is nothing wrong with the shea butter.  It is completely natural.  Shea butter varies in color from cream to yellow. 

As a reminder, due to natural variances in shea butter, my goat milk lotion ranges from a pale butter color to nearly pure white.    The scent of the shea butter also varies in strength.   The scent of shea butter in a lotion dissipates within minutes of application to the skin.

Shea butter is an excellent skin softener! A small dab of shea butter applied to the ends of your hair after shampooing works better than an expensive bottle of conditioner. Shea butter is also great for sore or ragged cuticles.  And, my family and I have used shea butter to heal burns and scars!

For more shea butter information, here is my original shea butter article.  And here is my article regarding product storage.  Shea butter and other natural ingredients require room temperature storage.  DO NOT leave your lotions, creams, or other natural products in a very hot environment.  The car is NOT a good place for storage!

FYI…whipped shea butter samples will soon be available.  The cooler fall temps will allow me to ship without the fear of a melt-down.  Who wants a melt-down???!!! Not I!

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Today I am launching a new blog category, skin and hair care!

It has become obvious to me that my clients are very interested in getting down to the basics in life, including the natural care of their skin and hair.  In the skin and hair care category I will be posting discussions that share my knowledge and experience of skin care that brings us as close to natural as possible.

At Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps, I provide the basic products (soap and skin care), and I will provide education for skin care, recipes and potions that contain common ingredients, most found at your local grocery store!

I am a strong believer in naturally erasing a part of what comes into our lives that can (and has) been damaging to our skin and hair.  Damage from chemicals, the sun, stress, and age!

I am excited, as I hope you are, to start this venture.  I hope I can help many! And I hope you and I grow from this experience together!

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