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No, I cannot stake a claim to organic milk.  I cannot say the farmer’s field that contained the corn, or other grains in my feed, was never sprayed with anything other than natural fertilizer.

What I can tell you is this, my hay is raised by a local Mennonite neighbor that does use natural fertilizer.  The fertilizer comes from our local dairy barns, including mine.  There are no chemicals used on any of the dairy farms.

The feed that I use is a recipe that I developed.  It is mixed at a local mill, and the grain comes from local farms.  I know of no farms that use artificial pesticides or fertilizers in this area.  My farm is never sprayed with pesticides.

My dairy animals are not given growth hormones, nor do they receive antibiotics or chemical wormers while they are in milk.

I believe that is about as close to organic standards as you can get without the USDA stamp of organic.

Thank you for your questions, I hope to cover more here, to share with others!

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