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Today I am launching a new blog category, skin and hair care!

It has become obvious to me that my clients are very interested in getting down to the basics in life, including the natural care of their skin and hair.  In the skin and hair care category I will be posting discussions that share my knowledge and experience of skin care that brings us as close to natural as possible.

At Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps, I provide the basic products (soap and skin care), and I will provide education for skin care, recipes and potions that contain common ingredients, most found at your local grocery store!

I am a strong believer in naturally erasing a part of what comes into our lives that can (and has) been damaging to our skin and hair.  Damage from chemicals, the sun, stress, and age!

I am excited, as I hope you are, to start this venture.  I hope I can help many! And I hope you and I grow from this experience together!

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