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Help for folks with fine, thin, limp hair is not impossible.

Start looking at the shampoo that you use.  People with fine, thin hair should avoid shampoos that claim to silken,  soften, or moisturize the hair.   Generally these types of shampoos weigh the hair down, which leaves it with very little chance for body.

Fine hair is helped by frequent trims, good haircuts, and layers that are “undercut,” meaning, the under layers are trimmed slightly shorter.  Trimming the under layers slightly shorter leads the outer layers to lay in a curved manner, which looks smooth, with a look and feel of added body.

Blow drying techniques help with fine and limp hair as well.  If you hair needs lift, blow dry your hair while holding your head down, upside down if you can.

I have very close and personal experience with fine, thin hair.  I tell it straight.  All of these tips have worked for me.

My own shampoo bars have also served me well.  I will never touch a bottle of shampoo again, at  least until I am too old to make my own! I have received good feedback from others as well.  A sample of some of the shampoo bars that have been used are the tea tree blend with hemp seed oil, the unscented, and rosemary with goat milk and castor oil. 

This post came to life after I began to wonder how and why the shampoo bars were working.  The conclusion is that they cleanse without adding any coating to the hair shaft.  Once the user begins shampooing on a regular basis with the bars, after the old coatings/waxes (or products that have weighed the hair down) are gone, the hair is left clean and clear.  Clean and clear means there isn’t anything left to weigh the hair strands down.

I hope you did find this article useful.  We all battle with problem skin and hair.  I am overjoyed to have found at least one solution for my own!

You may want to read a prior blog post where I described how to use the shampoo bars (here).  The initial shampooing definitely is a process, one that involves removal of old products, which can take a few days to several weeks (as it was for me)! In this case, as it normally is in life, patience pays off.


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