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Yes, we are announcing a sale!

From today, through 12/31/2011 (or until our soap-shelves are empty), we are offering a 6-Bar Goat Milk Soap Special.

Select 6 bars, your choice of any soap available in our Goat Milk Soap Store, for a flat retail price, $24.00.  Boxed (in our natural recycled Kraft soap boxes), stamped with our logo (gotta love the goat, thank you to our artist), labeled, and packaged in a biodegradable cellophane bag (holiday printed bags between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

It is our gift to you.  Luxury soap at a savings, our thank you for choosing to shop with us!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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The calendula (Calendula officinalis) flowers are drying nicely.

At this point I can make an olive oil infusion with the flowers, or I can grind the flowers to make a powder.

I am going to make a powder.  I doubt that I get much powder from this batch of flowers.  I believe it would take many, many more flowers to produce even a cup of calendula powder.

The calendula powder, or flowers infused in oil, will be an ingredient in goat milk soap.

A few tidbits about calendula:

  • considered a herb
  • flowers are used in teas, tinctures, infusions
  • used in cooking – cakes, frostings, bakery items
  • can help soothe irritated skin – aids in digestion
  • used in salves for minor cuts, abrasions, and chapped lips
  • not to be confused with the common marigold (Tagetes species)

A few years ago I used the calendula in a recipe for cleanser (here and here), and ended up using it all winter as a salve.  Working on a farm with water buckets, birthing kids, cold weather, occasionally causes small cracks in the skin of my fingers.  The salve worked great for the skin problem, and then I discovered how wonderful it was for lips as well.  And it smelled wonderful!

I will post photos of the calendula goat milk soap here.  It will likely be a small batch, definitely a limited edition!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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This week, as I thought of the change in water hardness at our new farm (from well to county water), I realized how much I personally treasure Annie’s Goat Hill goat milk soap and lotion.

The soap simply does not dry out the skin like a “cleanser bar” (the bars that are not labeled as soap in the grocery store, because they are not bars of soap).

A simple definition of soap:  Fats are combined with an alkali (sodium hydroxide=lye), which causes a reaction (saponification).  The saponification process results in soap (fats and salts).  Soap, when added to water, lathers and aids in releasing dirt and oils from the surface of the skin.

The gem of it, it being going milk soap, is that the liquid added to the lye is straight goat milk, resulting in a bar of soap that contains caprylic acids, vitamins and minerals from the milk itself.

As many of our customers have said, and I do the same, bathe with our goat milk soap,  apply our goat milk lotion (or not).  That is all that it takes to feel more comfortable (with less dry skin) throughout the day.

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness 

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I see visions of a Sunrise soap, to match this beautiful morning.

What better time of day is there to think, meditate, enjoy the peace? Even while standing outside in the crisp air, taking a photo, listing to nothing but the birds waking up, it was beautiful.

Sunrise soap – something citrusy, clean, fresh, and filled with hope for a new day!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness

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We had a very frosty morning. I had better pull the calendula before it does a complete disappearance this season.

I am thinking dried (powdered) calendula for soap, or petals in soap, or perhaps an infusion in olive oil (leading later to an infused salve). The possiblities of color and usefulness are numerous!

Enjoy your weekend. Hope you see some gorgeous sunshine like we are!

P.S. Ignore the weeds in the photo. Weeding is the last thing I have time for lately!


Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps…Smell and Feel the Goodness

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I entered the new soap studio this morning with the thought that I would have the construction materials, tools, and other items removed from the product “make” areas, and that every surface would be scoured down to spic-and-span clean.

It felt good to accomplish my goals today.

I spoke more in the video about the equipment (beginning with the Army green shipping shelves that were gifted), my talking grew rather lengthy.  Note to self:  no more 7 minute videos! You can tell, I have always enjoyed things that have a “history” or a story to tell.

I hope you stick around long enough, to the end of the video, to hear my real message.  I mean every word of it!

Tomorrow we can begin moving in products, supplies, inventory, and the remainder of the shelving, equipment and work tables.

I am looking forward to knowing that I have everything in one place once again!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness

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It has been a long haul.  An entire winter of work and (what seemed like) a very quick summer.

We began wiring the soap studio, the first time the property ever had electricity, in December.  We would arrive early in the day to face -5 degree temperatures, trying to feed a large electrical cable into conduit.  It simply would not bend. We would arrive again later in the evening, again -5 degrees, to find the cable would not flex at all.  We clearly remember the day the temperature climbed to 10 degrees.  The cable flexed.  My husband was standing outside on a 30′ ladder, with me inside the barn (on a ladder almost 30′ leaning against the open rafters).  10 degrees allowed us to fish the electric lines through conduit into the breaker box.  Celebration! We called the power company with no hesitation, POWER US UP!

That was the beginning of transforming the little red pole barn, that used to house a tractor on a gravel floor, to a framed in little red soap house with windows, a concrete floor, a lot of insulation, and beautiful interior white steel walls (and my wish to leave two original wood beams exposed).

We are nearing the finish of the new soap workshoop.  Soon to rearrange the stainless steel kitchen fixtures that I purchased from a Cincinnati school auction 6 months ago to a very workable soap studio!

Below is a section of the front area that we will keep on reserve, with plans to turn into a storefront, open 1-2 days a week.  Too many folks have called in for a visit to the farm/soap studio.  They need to be able to come on down to Annie’s Little Red Soap Shop!

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Fresh is hot this fall…fresh scent that is!

Annie’s Ocean Breeze goat milk soap is right in step, back on our store shelves (for a limited time).

Ocean Breeze has a light clean scent, silky lather, and (as always) we’ve loaded-it-up with skin loving shea butter.


Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and feel the goodness!

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Milk soaps are so rich!

As I looked at the newly cured simple Buttermilk soap in the studio, I thought about how I used to trek to a town an hour away to replenish my personal stock of natural soaps, purchased from a herb shop.  The bars were generally un-evenly cut, laying unwrapped on a very old and primitive butcher block table.  The deal was to pick up 5 bars, place them in a brown paper lunch sack, receive the 6th bar free.

I was in love.  And I knew I was taking something wonderful home with that rustic purchase.

If I had seen Buttermilk soap on that table I would have bought a bar.  No doubt!

Why Buttermilk soap? It is mild, pure, and great for the skin.  With a thick type of lather, similar to a shaving soap.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use this (colorant and fragrance free) soap on sensitive skin, or for a child.

Buttermilk soap (made from scratch from goat milk buttermilk, started with a buttermilk culture of cow milk), available now in our online soap store!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and feel the goodness!

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The curtain opens to Act 1:

Customer checking out @Annie’s Goat Hill…typing in credit card number…shipping address…customer name…phone numb….er…ack! Wait a minute!Customer freaks out! “I am not going to give that company my phone number!”

Why would we want your phone number?

If we experience problems with your order, we attempt to contact you via the email address provided upon checkout.  But, as life isn’t always so perfect, there have been occasions where 1) a customer’s email address was invalid, 2) the customer never received the email from Annie’s Goat Hill.

Act 2:

Customer becomes very upset as day after day passes with no fragrant package arriving at their doorstep.

For this reason, a customer phone number will be mandatory upon checkout at Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrated Soaps.

We would be breaking the law if we subjected you to unsolicted email, or phone calls.  We are not going to do that.  We want to keep life as simple as possible.

We want you to:

Smell the goodness, feel the goodness (of our products).


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