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I entered the new soap studio this morning with the thought that I would have the construction materials, tools, and other items removed from the product “make” areas, and that every surface would be scoured down to spic-and-span clean.

It felt good to accomplish my goals today.

I spoke more in the video about the equipment (beginning with the Army green shipping shelves that were gifted), my talking grew rather lengthy.  Note to self:  no more 7 minute videos! You can tell, I have always enjoyed things that have a “history” or a story to tell.

I hope you stick around long enough, to the end of the video, to hear my real message.  I mean every word of it!

Tomorrow we can begin moving in products, supplies, inventory, and the remainder of the shelving, equipment and work tables.

I am looking forward to knowing that I have everything in one place once again!

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