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A customer once said, “You know what I like about your soap? I like that it is not all fancy, with wild colors.  I just want good soap, nothing crazy.”

You know, I tend to agree with that statement.  But sometimes, when I mix it up a little, I really do sell the devil out of the “limited edition” soaps!

I do not swirl enough to claim that I have ever reached the practice-makes-perfect swirling gold star.  Oh no, I am far from it.  I fit soap production into my schedule to keep the base soaps that we carry in stock, swirling and other techniques, well…they happen when I am feeling a bit frivolous.

So, I had a sample sized bottle of Lily of the Valley fragrance that kept winking at me each time I opened my fragrance cabinet.  It said, “Hello, do something different with me!”

So, I tried.  Lily of the Valley, you got the green, you got the lavender.  You got the pretty.  Yes, you did.  Swirls, not so much.

lily of the valley goat milk soap www.anniesgoathill.com

Another blue moon (Or was that a full moon?) will come along.  I’ll hit up the swirling techniques again.  Yes I will!

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