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Merlot Wine Soap

Annie's Merlot Wine Soap

No, no whining here.  No cheese needed.  Just soapmaking.

I started 2012 with a bit of loss-of-words.  Did I really say that? Yes, you bet, I did! So, I am firing off the new year with pictures.


Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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As I’ve said before…I am a soap nerd.  I never get tired of the process of making soap.  Finding time to make soap is the biggest problem, it certainly is not boredom!

I wanted to share with you how the Annie’s Merlot Wine soap looks in the mold, as it heats (goes through the gel stage), as the soapers call it.

When you look at the soap in the mold, you wonder how it ever gets to this point:

The bars often are a bit more brick red, sometimes lighter, darker at other times.  I attribute the variances to the nature of the sugar in the wine, even to different brands.  Subtle differences adds to the ambiance of handcrafted soap!

I boil the alcohol out of the wine before it is used to make soap.  It is not complicated, but I do follow an entirely different process than I do when making milk soap.

Pretty, isn’t it?

I simple cannot say it enough…I am blessed to be doing what I love!

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Handcrafted Wine Soap

Handcrafted Wine Soap

Handcrafted Wine Soap

Normally on a Monday I showcase an existing product.  Not today.

Normally in a Product Monday article I talk about soap or lotion that contains goat milk.  Not today.

I am busy with holiday sales.  You would think I would stick to the basics since I am in the busy season.  No.  This girl needs to have fun!

I made two batches of clean laundry goat milk soap on Saturday, still to be cut.  I made wine soap Sunday morning!

Wine Soap 004

I had to share with you a glimpse of the fresh batch of wine soap as I poured it into the mold.  Pretty, huh? It could have passed for chocolate soap!

It has been 6 years since I’ve drummed up a batch of non-milk soap.   I could not find good information on how to make wine soap so I calculated and proceeded with caution.  I’ve read horror stories about wine soap concoctions erupting and overheating.  Sugar content would be the culprit.  

The results were good.

I originally used a Tuscan wine fragrance.  I liked the fragrance, however, I picked up on a slight perfume overtone.  So, I remembered a 1/2 bottle of merlot that was going to go to waste.  I added the wine to the recipe as well as the fragrance.  Wow, does it smell wonderful! The wine coloring that I intended was overran by the color from the wine and lye (brown).  We shall see what transpires as it “ages” (cures).  Along with the extra dobs of shea butter that I always add to my soaps, it ought to be a soap to treasure!

Fun…and even the pots and pans from the batch were a joy to wash.  They smelled wonderful!

Enjoy your Monday!

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