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As I’ve said before…I am a soap nerd.  I never get tired of the process of making soap.  Finding time to make soap is the biggest problem, it certainly is not boredom!

I wanted to share with you how the Annie’s Merlot Wine soap looks in the mold, as it heats (goes through the gel stage), as the soapers call it.

When you look at the soap in the mold, you wonder how it ever gets to this point:

The bars often are a bit more brick red, sometimes lighter, darker at other times.  I attribute the variances to the nature of the sugar in the wine, even to different brands.  Subtle differences adds to the ambiance of handcrafted soap!

I boil the alcohol out of the wine before it is used to make soap.  It is not complicated, but I do follow an entirely different process than I do when making milk soap.

Pretty, isn’t it?

I simple cannot say it enough…I am blessed to be doing what I love!

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