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I very much enjoyed a recent email from a customer.  I thought you might enjoy the humor as well.

When my customer’s husband asked her what she wanted for her upcoming birthday.  Her answer was, “I want more of that wonderful soap!”  She said she got so excited when she placed the soap order that she forgot to include an important box number in the ship to address.  Her next words put a smile on my face, she said she was now “plagued with visions of some stranger whisking off with my soap!!!”  Hilarious…but would be a worry, I love it!

She thanked me, explaining that each of her family members use my soaps and truly appreciate them.  She also talked about how I am blessed with a talent for making soap. 

Some of you have heard me say this before, I think we are all blessed with talents and gifts.  I love to see people follow their passions.  Don’t worry about what you cannot do so well, focus on what you are good at.  You will shine.  I hope you do!

Have a beautiful day!

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The Conner House

The Conner House

This is the exact place where I fell in love with soap.  The Conner House, located on the Conner Prairie Farm, in Fishers, Indiana. 

I was 7 years old, on a grade school field trip.  I was mesmerized by the house, the farm, the outbuildings where hand dipped candles and other items were made, including the smokehouse and blacksmith shop.  I especially loved the large hearths in the house that held big black kettles.  And, the imperfect glass panes in the house windows were beautiful! Before my group left the farm (and it was sad for me to walk away), we visited the farm store, where my souvinier money was carefully spent on a primitive hand formed ball of soap.  The soap balls were displayed in a metal wash tub.  The type of tub people would take a bath in, or perhaps people would hand wash their laundry in.  From that moment forward, I started collecting soap. 

A collection of soap as a child? Yes! Moving forward in time, visions of me at 16 years old, still buying bars of soap here and there.  It might have been Avon soap, tar soap, cucumber soap, oatmeal soap, it did not matter.  It was soap, and each bar was unique!

Conner Prairie, based on the pictorial I just looked at, is quite the tourist stop now.  It is not as quaint as it was when I was in the 2nd grade! I remember a garden, a house, and a few outbuildings.  From what I can see, their amenities now include a modern museum, and even a Facebook page.  I will ignore all of that and stick with my memories! 44 years later, Conner Prairie is embedded in my being.

I am glad I stuck with soap, and that something so beautiful inspired me.  I have always wanted to step back into the pioneer days.  I am not sure I want to live there permanently, but the fascination is definitely a part of who I am.  I suppose that is also why I am so dead set on making soap the old fashioned way, with lye, and with having to wait 4-6 weeks before the bars are cured.  And I am so dead set on testing the bars myself to make sure they are soothing to the skin, enjoyable. My soap either passes my expectations, or it doesn’t get sold.  It means a lot to me to provide quality products! And those products come from a very long love for soap (and visions of the past), and I am still very much inspired!

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