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Now that the monsoons we experienced this week have ended, I feel like I am stepping out of a dark cavern.  Did I lose site of where I wanted to be? I wanted to.  I had to have a few talks with myself  to keep my positive energy flowing, and to not reflect what I was feeling (much) onto anyone else.

Now that the rain has ended, we hope to continue moving into the new soap studio.  Soap production has been on hold, so have large orders of lotion.  With part of our supplies and equipment at one studio, and some at the other, it simply has not been produceable.  In itself, no production during the business of the season, can be alarming.  When we say, this January, that our store shelves are now nearly empty…we’ll mean it at the utmost!

I stumbled across a great quote to remember, for now, and for the future –

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. – Moliere

How true is that? There really is no hurry.  We do what we can do, we do it well (to the best of our ability), and we enjoy what we can (and cannot do) as much as possible during the journey.

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