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I am working on updating soap fragrances.  The curing racks are filling back up.  It is growing into just the spark I was looking for. 

One new soap on the curing rack is patchouli (different from the patchouli/vanilla/musk blend that I already carry).

I will also be offering lemongrass goat milk soap (without poppyseeds). 

I had a time of it with the honey oatmeal soap (hence two batches on the curing rack), the most popular soap I have carried for 7 years! I heated the honey in the microwave.  It hardened.  I thought it would soften back up in the soap batch.  It did not completely.  In fact, I burned up one of the stick blenders while trying to smooth out the batch of soap, and I ended up with a batch of soap that contained sections with seeping honey in it.  Not very appealing, huh? Quite humorous though. On the flip side, and a positive one at that, I have a batch of honey oatmeal soap now cut into perfect sample sizes for new customers (or those that want to try it). 

I will be announcing more essential oil blends, new all natural soaps, during the next few weeks.

Happy Monday!

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