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Week Old

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakend. – Anatole France

Can you imagine life without animals to love and care for?

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We have barely scratched the surface.

A few days ago I was standing in a music store talking “shop” (small business) with the co-owner.  As she began to tell me about natural-based products that a very large company sells I told her about our soaps and lotions.  I saw the look come into her eyes.  We (my husband and I) are accustomed to seeing THE LOOK.  We decipher THE LOOK as:  “I am not sure what she is talking about.  How can soap be made from milk? And does she really make it herself? I just don’t know…”.  We then explain what we do, where our products come from, and that our products are made-from-scratch, handmade.   The look doesn’t go away.  We bring out the business cards, the samples, and nudge people to give our products a try.

You know, the surface has not even been scratched.

If you are in support of small business, local business, farmers, and if you support the continued availability of natural, and nearly natural, products to each and every consumer, then we would appreciate your goat milk soap shout-outs!

Don’t forget to tell us about it here too!

Thank you for your support…we have some awesome customers!


P.S.  If you haven’t noticed, we support quite a few small businesses, organizations, and local entities on our business Facebook page.  This is why:  now is the time to make waves, stand up for what is the backbone of America!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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It isn’t very pretty, is it?

This is what we have been working on all week, each morning before sunrise, every night after sundown, in single digit temperatures on a few occasions.

Two 1000 foot long trenches along the driveway, each 4 feet deep were completed for water and power lines. 

Our legs hurt.  Our backs hurt.  And perhaps our heads hurt too, I say with a sense of humor!


Someone was watching over us today as we finally got the electric connected to the meter box on what will be the new soap shop.  The temperature broke over 30 degrees today, which helped us bend and pull the heavy wiring.  I stood inside the shop on a 10′ ladder, my husband stood outside on another ladder, as we pushed and pulled.  We got it done! The power company can now energize us at any time.

We definitely have been hard at work.  It is a very busy season for Annie’s Goat Hill, my husband’s business, and with the preparations at the soon (to be) new farm.  It is all good!

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