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Now that the concrete floor has been given a few days to harden, we are working on moving in the stainless steel sinks and countertops and installing windows. 

We hit the jackpot with the stainless a few months ago when we participated in an online auction, obtaining equipment from a school kitchen that was set to be demolished. 

Next in the shop…insulation and walls.  Progress photos to follow soon!

I do have to admit, we are excited at our recent steps forward at the new farm/new shop, however, we are also teetering about to stay on top of our two businesses and the animals. 

Turnaround time is at 2-3 working days for customer orders.   We are watching the calendar closely, we may soon need to make an announcement once we enter into the phase of actually moving the business, farm, and ourselves.

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You here us say often that we are busy.  So, perhaps once more you will not mind this announcement, we really are busy!

Between the spring season on our goat farm, the husband’s occupation – a business that we both run, everything has picked up (it looks like the economy is coming around). 

The weather is breaking…hence the work has once again moved forward on our new farm. 

Free time hovers between precious and obsolete.

Our contractors have been busy pouring the floor in the new soap shop.  

Soon the prior owner’s cabinets and work shelves will be removed.  Then we will add insulation, wiring, walls…and will move in the stainless steel sinks and counter tops that we found in a wonderful school auction a month or so ago.

Progress! It is a blessing!

Thank you to Mick and Mark for your great work and expertise! You sloughed through a lot of mud for us this winter!

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It isn’t very pretty, is it?

This is what we have been working on all week, each morning before sunrise, every night after sundown, in single digit temperatures on a few occasions.

Two 1000 foot long trenches along the driveway, each 4 feet deep were completed for water and power lines. 

Our legs hurt.  Our backs hurt.  And perhaps our heads hurt too, I say with a sense of humor!


Someone was watching over us today as we finally got the electric connected to the meter box on what will be the new soap shop.  The temperature broke over 30 degrees today, which helped us bend and pull the heavy wiring.  I stood inside the shop on a 10′ ladder, my husband stood outside on another ladder, as we pushed and pulled.  We got it done! The power company can now energize us at any time.

We definitely have been hard at work.  It is a very busy season for Annie’s Goat Hill, my husband’s business, and with the preparations at the soon (to be) new farm.  It is all good!

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Yes, it is a window.  It could fit in just about anywhere.  But there is no place like a fresh new window sitting inside your to-be soap shop.

A window to look into and through, to see hope, dreams, and new small business plans.

My husband and I have been showered with a lot of work the past several months.  We are working in unison, without a lot of breaks, to make sure our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed.  Busy isn’t enough of a description.  Blessed is a good word for it.

Busy with our businesses, busy with preparing a new home, shop and farm.

The shop needs a concrete floor, insulation, wiring, and interior walls.  The house is sitting on a lot, ready to move to its new permanent foundation.  A barn must be built.  We are running against the clock.  The hands are moving fast towards winter and kidding season.

So, what can we do best? Work…and ponder, be thankful, and remember – as we sit in the area that will the porch front of our new soap shop.  It is all beautiful, and we will continue to build (our lives, our businesses, and the room to enjoy life itself).

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