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You are going to be HOW old? Gasp!

Life is one fast ride! 
Sunday is my 51st birthday.  Isn’t it amazing how 50 years old seemed so ancient when you were 20? Now, I find it entertaining that 70 can seem young when I am 50!
What was your most significant birthday?
25 was a difficult one for me.  I can laugh at it now.  I had 2 small sons.  I was happy as a mother.  My existence wrapped around those two boys! But somehow the mile markers in my life had whipped past me.  12 was a big birthday, 13, then 16, 18, 21…and 25, what was so special after that? Believe me, I was not depressed, not one moment…but I felt really-really old! Tee hee!
Life is special!
I love the wisdom, the learning, the blossoming of who you are.  And with an older age years under the belt comes the warmth in really knowing the true friends and family, those that are cemented into your life.  Would I want to turn the clock back? No!
Could I possibly, though, turn some of the body parts clock back? Just a tad bit? Please? Then I remind myself that God designed this body, He thought it was pretty special, and he knew it would someday begin to age.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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