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Cat In The Truck Bumper

I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting..

I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

I sit here each day, swishing my tail, patiently waiting.  I just know there will be a moment when that orange striped cat comes out of the goat lady’s truck bumper.  I just know it!

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As I feed and milk the goats the rest of the hungry animals show up.  Momma cat comes in and takes a nap on the hay.  Who says these are the DOG days of summer?
Fluffy Boy

Fluffy Boy

The kittens are growing.  Fluffy Boy hangs out at the barn gate.  All of the cats congregate, waiting patiently for their treat of warm goat milk. 

Misc 002


 The bottle kids wait patiently for milk as well.  In the summer their milk is fed cold.  I would imagine it is a treat to them in this hot spell!

Can you resist those nubian eyes?


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Dairy goats and sheep? Wait a minute…that looks like a kitten to me. My apologies, my better camera is out of order. Pictures today are delivered via my phone and my old “bad” digital camera. But not so bad that we turn kittens into dairy goats and sheep.

Do you think these two could pass as future Mr. Yellow Tom’s? Mr. Yellow Tom loves to rough house with one of these look-alikes already.

Nothing like a good old kitten fight. This is what I see and hear when the goats are not mulling around.

Moving on to the feeding of the boer goats. Dusty (a lovely boer/alpine) always needs a good head rub.
Moving on to the milk stand. Chandra the saanan says, “Hey, you have my milk…now let me go dive into the hay with my buddy Cammille.”
And Cammille the nubian says, “You have my milk too…hold on Chandra, wait for me!”

And after everyone is milked out, and the final (2) bottle kids are fed, and the goats are humming and crunching happily on their hay, bedded down for the night…up the barn driveway the goat lady goes…toting warm goat milk back to the house on the hill…reflecting on her many blessings.

And what does the goat lady find when she enters the house? Visitors? There are two new sheep, Wee Little Sheep, beautiful Nativity Sheep on the kitchen table.

The beautiful sheep pair arrived on Friday in a postal box decorated in sheep photos, marked fragile. These beautiful sheep are indeed fragile, beautifully made from clay and covered with lambs’ wool, lovingly handmade by Kathy. Sent to my Ohio home, chosen as winnings from being a commenter on Kathy’s blog, Spot On Cedar Pond.

Not only was the shipping box beautifully decorated in photos of Kathy’s wonderful Jacob Sheep, Kathy also added some additional personal touches. A stunning handmade card arrived with the package, displaying the yarn that Kathy so lovingly crafts (from shearing her sheep, to spinning and dyeing the yarn). With some beautiful spun strands of lamb’s wool threaded through the card. I keep repeating the word beautiful, it really was awesome!
Now I will show you the gorgeous “decorating” of the shipping box!

Kathy is a good friend, an inspiration to me. She is one of the women in my life that have kept me on my toes, in faith. I look for her daily blog inspirations. I hope you visit Kathy’s blog as well, and please do not forget to visit her Etsy shop either, where you will find her wonderful lamb’s wool creations, Cedar Pond Wool Craft.
Have a relaxing Sunday evening!

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I am the sole Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps business person. I manage the goats (my husband helps with purchasing the hay and occasional goat treatments) and I operate the business end of everything. My hats include management, shipping, producing of product, accounting, finance, marketing and customer service. I love my hats…love, love, love them!

My closest friends ask me, “What are you going to do when you can no longer handle this on your own?” They see the growth, so do I. I do not know what the answer is. They are aware that I am aware. But, for now, it will be left to prayer. Leaving something to prayer does not mean that I do not think about it. My best thinking times are not done while sitting down and staring at blank space. I could be on the lawn mower, in the shower, or even feeding the goats in the barn. I do not worry about these questions, I just ponder from time to time. Making life’s decisions, those that are not needing immediate attention, means (to me) to sit back and allow the random thoughts to roll through. It is like putting everything in a mixing tumbler. Let it roll gently, not violently, let everything big and little sift out. The answers will come.

I am way off track from my original topic here, but that is okay, and it all fits together! I like for people to know me for who I am, that is important.

As I was thinking about things in the barn this morning, preparing the milk machine for the girls, I saw yellow ears pop up out of the bucket that I toss used baling string into. Mr. Tom, the yellow cat from the last litter on the farm, had been napping in the bucket. The crazy fellow!

Mr. Yellow Tom was pretty much abused by his older brother, whom is fondly called My Boy on the farm. My Boy is a gentle cat that drank a lot of goat’s milk as he was up and coming. I can rub his belly, play with him like a house cat. And when I find the teeth and nails getting over zealous, he listens to me when I say “that is enough.” I find him following me around like a lost puppy. And I tell him, “Stay out of the road, I need you around for a while.”

My Boy beat up on Mr. Yellow Tom when he was about 2 weeks ol. Mr. Yellow Tom would screech, the claws would fly, and I always said, “He (yellow) isn’t going to make it.” Well, those two are buddies, they were playing after all. And Mr. Yellow Tom ended up being pretty mean. You could not pick him up without a lot of human arm and leg damage.

Two weeks ago something changed. I found Mr. Yellow Tom rubbing against my legs in the milk room, “Meow, meow, meow.” I decided to pick him up. Hmmm…what was that, purring? He now lives in the milk room 90% of the day. He is a fantastic mouser. He has a purpose, and he works for me, even though he does know it! He can sleep with the baling string any time that he likes. He earns it. And I do not need to pay a penny to the state for worker’s comp…hmmm…he is quite the deal!

We have 6 brand new kittens now. Two yellow striped, two black and grey, and two black. The black kittens are mean. I am trying to make a Mr. Yellow Tom out of them, not sure I will be successful. But…each day they get a bowl of warm goat’s milk. They could be well on their way towards earning their own Mr. Yellow Tom Awards!

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