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I am having a busy Saturday in the office as well as in the shop.  But what I have not failed to notice is the beautiful color!

Have you caught yourself this season, even on the darkest of days, stepping out the door, sensing that something was different? I admit…one day I was deep in thought, walking down the front walk, and suddenly sensed fire.  It was the large autumn adorned tree that hovers over the slope above the pond.  Extremely bright colors.  No fire.  A gentle reminder perhaps to remain appreciative of the change in season? I thought so.

I am not fond of autumn because of what follows, winter.  What I do love are the cool temperatures, the color, and I dearly love to see the harvest going on around us.  The grain trucks have been rolling up and down the road.  I can hear the grain elevators and dryers running through the night.  Such a blessing…a reminder, life is very good.  A bounty of blessings!

Speaking of blessings…in a short 1/2 hour I am shutting down the office.  This is a weekend for peace, relaxation, and re-connection with friends.  I hope you can do the same.


“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”  – George Eliot

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My tiny flower bed got a late start this spring, and then it got attacked by some night-time munchers. Those little creatures finally let it go!

Why is it, I wonder, rain always sends both the weeds and flowers to growing something beautiful and bountiful?!

I collect rain water to conserve on water, and I am on a well, but the fresh rain does much wonders.

I am enjoying this quiet rainy Saturday. I cannot remember the last time I woke to morning thunder (not severe), I found it rather peaceful today.

I hope you are having a relaxing day too!

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The old gal is starting to receive a new coat of paint, one section at a time. This is her instrument panel. The old Massey Ferguson red sure is a nice hue, not too bright, a beautiful deep cherry type of red.

New gauges await the instrument panel. We will need to let the panel sit for several days now, since it was just painted today.

The faded gal is going to love her new red!

It was good visiting with our friends today. We have been busy for a number of weekends. My husband has been studying, I have been working in the soap shop, and it has been too hot to throw open the garage doors (even though our friends have air inside the shop). Today we enjoyed our great friendship once again!

You can follow prior tractor project posts here.

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Call the couple that lives at Annie’s Goat Hill a little on the different side. But are we?
Bob likes to work with wood, especially reclaimed lumber.

I love old things. I have several things around the house that others have asked, “Why did you want that?”

These past few months, each time we drove to pick up a load of hay, we noticed an old red barn being dismantled (but never caught anyone at the job site). Once it became obvious that the barn was being taken down very carefully, Bob decided to find out who owned the property. We live amongst of community of Amish and Mennonites. Someone normally knows something, if you start asking. The person working on the barn project, cool as can be, does indeed rebuild old barns! He gave us permission to remove any lumber or materials left on the ground (not a structural part).

We claimed red bead board siding, other types of red painted lumber, and my treasures are…(drum roll)…an old barn door with rusty hardware! I am thinking about having it hinged in 3 places and using it as a screen in my living room. Yep, you read that right! And, under the huge piles of rickety lumber I found an old primitive dresser. The dresser was beyond repair but the drawers looked like keepsakes to me. As you can see in the picture above, they are heavy duty drawers. I actually could see them hanging on the wall in the front room of my house. Some of the drawers have 4 compartments. But they are too heavy, despite my plaster walls, I still think I would create troubles. So, we are going to build a rustic desk of sorts, and attach the drawers to the back, as if they were shelves, compartments. I am way too excited!

Annie’s Goat Hill sells gift sets in wooden crates, and when I say they are made from reclaimed lumber, you can trust that they are. You may be getting a part of a 100 year old barn, you may be getting a part of an old piece of non-repairable furniture, you never know. And in these times, I try to go as green as possible (re-use paper, packing materials, and wood). It is no longer tacky, it is smart to the environment and economical!

Some of the barn siding…

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Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

This is the recipe for oatmeal cookies, re: the Nearly Forgotten Oatmeal Cookie blog post. 🙂

The cookies are soft to chewy, not crunchy.

1C butter flavored crisco (I subbed with 1/2 C butter and 1/2 C canola oil)

1 C sugar

1 C brown sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

2 eggs

3 Tbsp. milk

2C flour

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

2 c. quick oats (I used the type of oats that you normally boil/cook)

1 C chopped nuts

Add first 6 ingredients together. Mix in next 4 ingredients and fold in oats and chopped nuts. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.

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Young Miss Amelie says Good Sunday Morning to you!

I met a very nice lady a few days ago, Alix. Alix has a great blog, Casa Hice! Yesterday, she wrote an enjoyable article about William The Wonder Goat. I think Alix will see goats in her future again! For my friends that are goat or animal lovers, you will want to read Alix’s post, and for those of you that want to help a nice lady (who is also in a winter slump, like the rest of us), yep you heard me, the winter doldrums, please visit her blog!

It was a warm 30-something degrees this morning as I walked down to the pond before dawn to feed the ducks. It felt great! A true heat wave, makes me want to read a book in the yard swing and bask in sunshine. We really do not have sunshine today, and the temperatures are dropping, along with wind and snow showers, but I did enjoy those few moments outside this morning with the quiet and the much warmer temps.

We are visiting with friends today. Our dear friend, Bob, has been struggling with figuring out how to print labels from his computer. This is the same friend that had never touched a computer before last spring. He has since adopted his “friend,” and I give him a blue ribbon for his accomplishments. He is going to get a lesson in label printing today, along with a set of labels from my office. Bless his heart. 🙂

This week I am geared up for soap making. I have colorants that I am going to work with. Honestly, I have never used colorants that were not based on herbal, complexion clay, or essential oils. So…I will be making some fun colored soaps, and I’ll share pics with all of you. One day this week I will tell about the colorants and the wonderful package of goodies that they arrived in.

Beginning February 1, I am going to run a soap of the month special. I believe I have the first scent picked out. It is a popular one! I’ll match up the lotions, and some bath salts as well.

I also wanted to say, if you have any thoughts on scents that you would like to see in a soap or lotion, I have big listening ears. I am welcome to any ideas! I try so very hard to keep myself out of the box of selling what I like personally, what you like might be different from what I like.

Anyhow…I need to end this rambling for the day. 🙂 I can get carried away pretty easily! Enjoy your Sunday, relax, enjoy the reprise from the arctic freeze (if you have warmer temps today), if not, get the extra covers out and hibernate!

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Sunday On The Farm

Sunday…the day of rest. I try to not write a lot on a Sunday. Not talking much is difficult for me. Enough said about that. 🙂

It is a cold morning here in Ohio. We just put a front behind us that brought rain, ice, and fog with it. This morning the remnant is frozen mud. I do not mind the cold, in the 20’s, nor the frozen mud. The temporary lack of mud is a good thing, and it will be back later this evening!

This is a picture of Annie’s kids from several years ago. She always has beautiful twin kids, normally bucks.

On the subject of kids, I have several things in alignment today (and this week). A full moon, boer goats that have not started kidding yet, udders coming in, ligaments loosening, and at least one (as of this morning) with an udder that tells me kids within 24-48 hours. Last but not least, we are going to see single digit mornings this week.

As an 8-year on the job farmer, I have learned several things. One is to watch the weather forecast. In the summer it can mean running the water hoses to the vegetable garden. In the winter it can mean plugging the barn monitor in to ensure I do not have newborn kids with frozen ears. It definitely takes calendars, weather forecasts, and my attention. If I get quiet, or if I start writing weird things, you’ll know the ball has started rolling. I don’t mind a correction now and then, I might need it! 🙂

Take care…and have a beautiful Sunday!

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