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pic 0181

My tiny flower bed got a late start this spring, and then it got attacked by some night-time munchers. Those little creatures finally let it go!

Why is it, I wonder, rain always sends both the weeds and flowers to growing something beautiful and bountiful?!

I collect rain water to conserve on water, and I am on a well, but the fresh rain does much wonders.

I am enjoying this quiet rainy Saturday. I cannot remember the last time I woke to morning thunder (not severe), I found it rather peaceful today.

I hope you are having a relaxing day too!

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Ice and Snow Pics

Many of us received the storm…and I will enjoy seeing all of the pics.

I jumped on the photo bandwagon this morning right as the 2nd punch of the storm hit. We received a lot of ice and then the heavy snow came in today.

At least the birds could still get into their feeders:

Looking down towards the pond:

Looking down towards the other end of the pond:

Ice on some of the shrubs…looked like frozen waterfalls!

Blue Sky now!

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Ice and Soap Do Mix

Hello! Yes, Mother Nature is being active this morning!

The internet signal (satellite) has been off and on, the power has flickered as well, but all is well.

This is a pic from my front porch. The branches are pretty much forming a veil across the front yard, around the sidewalk area. Pretty, indeed.

Heavy snow is moving in, along with temps that are about 10-15 degrees colder, within the next hour.

I am going to cut that beautiful batch of soap that I poured into the mold yesterday. And I think I will make more, as long as I have power. Hopefully I can post to the blog again later.

I am also working on a plan to upgrade to equipment that will allow me to post regardless of the weather. For now, I do have dial up back up. If you need anything, I check emails throughout every day.
Hope everyone is safe! And remember, one step closer to spring!!!!

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This is the view from my office window. Taken just minutes ago! How about that sunshine? What a change from this photo I took yesterday morning:

I have spring fever! The blue sky, bright sun, and the water dripping off of the trees and roofs from melted snow, not to mention, the sight of mud and brown grass, makes me have a lot of hope for the end of winter some day soon! We can be optimistic, right? We can have a lot warmer temperatures by the end of February? Right? Sure we can!

I do not have anything meaty to talk about today. No new soap. I decided to install the accounting program on the newest computer, thinking it would be a breeze. Nope, it needs an upgrade before I can begin. So, I am sitting here at 1:30 as the upgrade installs. Babysitting technology. Blah (as I stick out my tongue)!

What this will mean, though, is better customer receipts and quicker running programs. As I told my husband last week, “It will be done right!” Yes, ma’am!

Annie’s Goat Hill (AGH) will begin sending out an e-mail based newsletter in February. If you are interested, the subscription sign up box is located on the bottom of the AGH site index page. The news page also includes some outlined information regarding the newsletter. And, I am offering a one-time discounted coupon for signing up!

I am going to update the testimonials page this week. If you have any comments to add, please send me an email (anniesgoathill@localnet.com), or post a comment here. Very much appreciated!

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous day like this one in SW Ohio! Take Care!

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Sunday On The Farm

Sunday…the day of rest. I try to not write a lot on a Sunday. Not talking much is difficult for me. Enough said about that. πŸ™‚

It is a cold morning here in Ohio. We just put a front behind us that brought rain, ice, and fog with it. This morning the remnant is frozen mud. I do not mind the cold, in the 20’s, nor the frozen mud. The temporary lack of mud is a good thing, and it will be back later this evening!

This is a picture of Annie’s kids from several years ago. She always has beautiful twin kids, normally bucks.

On the subject of kids, I have several things in alignment today (and this week). A full moon, boer goats that have not started kidding yet, udders coming in, ligaments loosening, and at least one (as of this morning) with an udder that tells me kids within 24-48 hours. Last but not least, we are going to see single digit mornings this week.

As an 8-year on the job farmer, I have learned several things. One is to watch the weather forecast. In the summer it can mean running the water hoses to the vegetable garden. In the winter it can mean plugging the barn monitor in to ensure I do not have newborn kids with frozen ears. It definitely takes calendars, weather forecasts, and my attention. If I get quiet, or if I start writing weird things, you’ll know the ball has started rolling. I don’t mind a correction now and then, I might need it! πŸ™‚

Take care…and have a beautiful Sunday!

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Wow…such a blessing of a day in Ohio today. The sun is shining. I hear the neighbor powering up the chain saw, apparently cutting fallen branches, clearing. Tells me that I need to do a somewhat similar job later, burn a bit of a pile. That is, if the wind dies down some. Again, reminds me of April, not December. I love it!

Today was aptly named “Save Face Monday” because I worked on a small batch of face cream in the shop this afternoon. I am hoping the formula thickens up in the next 72 hours. It looks and smells great, but it is a bit more soupy than I would have liked. Soupy isn’t the right word for it either. Hmmm…let’s go for very lightly whipped, not heavy. I was looking for something more in-between. For a face cream, I do not like much scent, but I am extremely happy with the outcome of this one. The lotions are now where I want them to be, light for body and hands, but not so light that it runs off of the palm of the hand when when a dollup is held sideways. Onto the creams… .

I am having writer’s problems today. Lost for words!

Went to the grocery this morning. I was thinking about a blip that another friendly blogger shared regarding saving money, making ends stretch, especially during this economy. I began using coupons again, the first time in 7 years. And before I head to the store now, I plan, and part of that includes checking the recipe books for fairly simple meals that can stretch over several days. It feels good to be out of the restaurants as often as we were, and it also feels better when buttoning up the jeans! My husband is a very picky eater. There isn’t much more to be said about that. πŸ™‚ With the sense of humor in mind, I announced to him, “You will no longer know what you are going to eat for dinner, until it is being prepared.” He replied, “Just make sure I have peanut butter and jelly on hand.” Oh boy…rotten (but I like him)!

Off to prepare to feed the goats for now. Perhaps my writing brain will open up later this evening.

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