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Tractor Project 009

You will not find the B&B Gallery Of Fine Art in any major city, in fact, if you do a Google search, you will only find it here. 

As the parts were hung on wires today (to paint and dry) I saw it as some crazy looking modern art work, perhaps a mobile of some sort.  Love the red headlights?

If you are interested, there are numerous posts regarding the tractor project(s) published to this blog.   Just click on the tractor project tag located at the bottom of this blog post if you wish to see more. 

Weekends are enjoyable, especially when they are with our friends and working on these projects (Bob and my husband, Bob)!

This particular old gal (Massey Harris model 50, year 1956) is really shaping up.  She runs like a dream and she is slowly receiving a fresh coat of paint. 

And here is my good friend, Bob, sanding away at a side panel today.  He definitely was having the hand cramps!

Tractor Project 007

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The old gal is starting to receive a new coat of paint, one section at a time. This is her instrument panel. The old Massey Ferguson red sure is a nice hue, not too bright, a beautiful deep cherry type of red.

New gauges await the instrument panel. We will need to let the panel sit for several days now, since it was just painted today.

The faded gal is going to love her new red!

It was good visiting with our friends today. We have been busy for a number of weekends. My husband has been studying, I have been working in the soap shop, and it has been too hot to throw open the garage doors (even though our friends have air inside the shop). Today we enjoyed our great friendship once again!

You can follow prior tractor project posts here.

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The tractor project continued yesterday. I always have a good time with our friends, learning about tractor parts, listening to the guys find more problems, and better yet, find solutions. They love what they are doing! I loved hearing the tractor run.

Sunday was the day to begin removing parts from the old gal that need repainted. My husband, pictured above, finally got to use his new sand blaster. He donned a mask, then a hood, long suede gloves (his welder’s gloves) and went to town sand blasting.

Pictured below is the “before photo” of the tractor’s pull hitch (in an old water trough converted to a sand blaster tub) before it was sand blasted. The next photo is the hitch looking nearly new. Amazing. The guys then put the metal frame of the tractor seat in the trough. It came out beautifully clean, ready for paint too. The cushion part of the seat itself is on order. Expensive!

The ’56 Massey Harris model 50 is going to be really spiffied up!

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Our weekend consisted of helping our friend move the new tractor project into his garage, using the prior tractor project (still a work in progress, nearly a year now) to do the work. I love these projects. The guys really get sparked, and I have learned a lot too.
Our friend, Bob, lives in-town, and is the talk of his small town whenever a new “old” tractor is brought in on his trailer.
The rest of our weekend was spent resting in between does kidding. We had a nice set of triplets born yesterday. I have a list of only 4 does left to freshen. Things are starting to wind down on the kidding calendar! It will remain busy for the next couple of months, as long as we have bottle kids, and until the barn and lot begin to clear out again (return to our set numbers).
Today I took a photo of the spring flowers that popped up in front of the house a few days ago. They likely will not survive for long in the wind/snow/sleet and dropping temps that we are experiencing. The photo is a bit blurry, but the colors came out gorgeous. I think the camera was cold too! 🙂

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There is something about tractors that grabs my attention, almost as much as barns, especially old barns. An old tractor has history under its fenders. It might have helped to plow a field, clean out a dairy barn, or perhaps helped with the family farm chores.

This is the latest tractor project, a 1956 Massey Harris Model 50. Yes, I know all of that. How I went from my office position behind 4 walls to this wonderful life is beyond me, but I absorb everything I can get because I love it.

My husband was the “driver” of the tractor. She does not run, by the way. The prior tractor owner used the Bobcat to lead the old gal out (flat tires were sunk in the ground). She went up on our friend’s trailer with ease.

I was going to make goat milk soap today, but I like to freeze the goat milk in one particular way, and I was not prepared. Tomorrow for sure!

Another tractor pic:

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New Tractor Project

I am pretty much too tired to write tonight. We went on a road trip with our good friends today and picked up a new “tractor project,” as we like to call it. Now there will be two antique tractors in our friend’s garage. When we get tired of restoring the one, we will work on the other.

We had kids throughout the weekend, 8 total. The milk is coming in good and strong now. I believe I have 5 dairy girls yet to kid.

Tomorrow I will post a few more pics of the tractor. I like the front end the best, the old grill area. This will be a long project, one that will probably take a couple of years to complete.

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In May, 2008, a new lady entered our lives. She became the star of attention every Sunday afternoon, from noon until feeding time. Her name is Allie.

Allie isn’t like the rest of us ladies in the 50-year old range. She is a bright orange tractor, made in 1955, by Allis-Chalmers, a model “CA.”

For those of you that might have eyes glazing over right now, I would think that I would be doing the same. I got bit by the farm bug as a young child, but never was able to pursue my dreams until 8 years ago. Now, if it involves animals, tractors, farms, you name it, I learn, and absorb, like a never-ending sponge that will always be absorbant for more. Would I have ever thought I would be wet sanding a hood (still missing from the tractor), or helping to drain and pour in new oil, or sitting on the tractor seat (my favorite spot) to help test the brakes? No! But I am loving it! I want to see the guys get this one put back together, and I want to see another project started!

My husband (Bob), Mr. B, as they call him at our friend Bob’s house (the man in the suspenders), have had the time of their lives cleaning, painting, rebuilding, and making Allie run like a dream. The worst day, and I even was able to repeat that back today (unbelievable), was the Sunday they worked on the hydraulic control. Frustration ran wild that afternoon!

One of the best parts of this project has been the “giggles and yucks,” as we call them, with our friends. I’ll never forget the day the guys carefully drove the tractor down to the car wash. Somehow they came back with only 1/2 of the tractor washed. We are still laughing over that one! They washed the back end, but didn’t touch the front. Scratch your head on that one!

I have been told that I will sit in one of these seats in a parade at the fair some day. I am not sure about that…but I like sitting up there! Have fun…life is short!

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