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leaves4_copyI made an announcement a few days ago that I was going to work all weekend to free myself up for Monday (today) and Tuesday.  My statement ended with, “To free myself up for the blessings ahead.”

Eight words to describe the employment situation for many…jobs are not growing on trees these days

Unemployment statistics are released quarterly, monthly, etc…, but I know first-hand that the statistics do not nearly include all that are unemployed.  For example, they do not include those that cannot collect unemployment, those that are not eligible to apply for benefits.

My husband and I shut down a business right before the economy crashed.  He hit the books, studied, took classes, and passed tests, just to find that his new career path had hit an all-time low. 

But now we are fighting back, fighting back with our own fireballs. 

What we have been working on is a new business that will ensure my husband is up and working again.  His new skills will be put to use.  I am a firm believer that there is good in all bad.  Frustration and bitterness does not lead to good.  What does lead to good is determination…a listening ear and eyes (our own), to what we are really supposed to be doing in life. 

If I seem a bit distracted, I am.  Is it affecting the farm and Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps? No.  I am just a tad bit slower with email and comments on the blog this week. 

Life is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes we have to pull up the bootstraps and say, “I have had enough.  I am determined to make my life a good one!” Determination, sheer will-power!

And, yes, we can use all of the prayers, good wishes, and positive thoughts that you might want to send!

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